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Hamilton, Valerie - Frommer's Los Cabos and Baja, ebook

Frommer's Los Cabos and Baja

Hamilton, Valerie


Frommer's Los Cabos & Baja explores the highlights of this fascinating peninsula, using our author's insider advice. You'll discover the best the region has to offer, including the best dramatic beaches, active adventures, secluded retreats, luxurious hotels, and local markets.This new

Rolle, Andrew - California: A History, ebook

California: A History

Rolle, Andrew


The eighth edition of California: A History covers the entire scope of the history of the Golden State, from before first contact with Europeans through the present; an accessible and compelling narrative that comprises the stories of the…

Showker, Kay - The Unofficial Guide® to Cruises, ebook

The Unofficial Guide® to Cruises

Showker, Kay


In keeping with the Unofficial Guide philosophy, this book pulls no punches as it reports on the nitty-gritty details of more than 100 cruise lines and 500 ships, ranking each for value and quality.

The authors reveal industry secrets…

Floriani, Leila - Shape Analysis and Structuring, ebook

Shape Analysis and Structuring

Floriani, Leila


Skeletal Structures
Silvia Biasotti, Dominique Attali, Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, Herbert Edelsbrunner, Gershon Elber, Michela Mortara, Gabriella Sanniti Baja, Michela Spagnuolo, Mirela Tanase, Remco Veltkamp
6. Morphological Representations of Scalar Fields

Liebenberg, Elri - History of Cartography, ebook

History of Cartography

Liebenberg, Elri


Table of contents
Part I. Early Explorative Cartography
1. Ferdinand Konšćak – Cartographer of the Compañia de Jesús and his Maps of Baja California
Mirela Slukan Altić
2. The Caribbean Cartography of Samuel Fahlberg
Dennis Reinhartz
Part II. United States in the Nineteenth Century
3. Thematic

Sharma, Rahul - Deep-Sea Mining, ebook

Deep-Sea Mining

Sharma, Rahul


Submarine Phosphorites: The Deposits of the Chatham Rise, New Zealand, off Namibia and Baja California, Mexico—Origin, Exploration, Mining, and Environmental Issues
Hermann Kudrass, Ray Wood, Robin Falconer
6. Predictive Mapping of the Nodule Abundance and

Breuß, Michael - Innovations for Shape Analysis, ebook

Innovations for Shape Analysis

Breuß, Michael


3D Curve Skeleton Computation and Use for Discrete Shape Analysis
Gabriella Sanniti Baja, Luca Serino, Carlo Arcelli
7. Orientation and Anisotropy of Multi-component Shapes
Joviša Žunić, Paul L. Rosin
Part II. Partial Differential Equations for Shape