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Picard, Michel - The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond, ebook

The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Picard, Michel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Local Traditions and World Religions. Encountering ‘Religion’ in Southeast Asia and Melanesia
Michel Picard
2. About Buddhist Burma: Thathana, or ‘Religion’ as Social Space
Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière
3. The (Re)configuration of the Buddhist Field in Post-Communist

Barrientos, Armando - Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest, ebook

Social Protection for the Poor and Poorest

Barrientos, Armando


Assisting the Poorest in Bangladesh: Learning from BRAC’s ‘Targeting the Ultra-poor’ Programme
David Hulme, Karen Moore
11. Protecting the Poorest with Cash Transfers in Low Income Countries
Bernd Schubert
Part IV. The Politics and Financing of

Azziz, Ricardo - Androgen Excess Disorders in Women, ebook

Androgen Excess Disorders in Women

Azziz, Ricardo


Androgen-Secreting Adrenal and Ovarian Neoplasms
Michel Pugeat, Gérald Raverot, Ingrid Plotton, Aude Brac de la Perrière, Pascale Mirakian, Henri Déchaud, Nicole Berger, Jean Louis Peix
7. Cushing’s Syndrome, Acromegaly, and Androgen Excess

Kwan, Stephen - Serviceology for Smart Service System, ebook

Serviceology for Smart Service System

Kwan, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I. Service Innovation & Design
1. A New Service Class Scheme for Service Innovation in Japanese Automation Industry
Yoshitaka Yuki, Seiichi Kawata, Hiroyuki Imanari, Takeo Suzuki, Norio Aburatani, Motomi Kohata, Takeru Kawai, Tomio Makino, Yukiyo Akisada, Motoya Tametani
2. Design of

Gourbesville, Philippe - Advances in Hydroinformatics, ebook

Advances in Hydroinformatics

Gourbesville, Philippe


Water Planning and Management: An Extended Model for the Real-Time Pump Scheduling Problem
Louise Brac Perrière, Antoine Jouglet, Alexandre Nace, Dritan Nace
14. Study of Flow in a Staircase at Subway Station
Walid Bouchenafa, Nassima Mouhous-Voyneau,