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Plass, Simon - Multi-Carrier Systems & Solutions 2009, ebook

Multi-Carrier Systems & Solutions 2009

Plass, Simon


Table of contents
I. General Issues
1. Multicarrier Signals: A Natural Enabler for Cognitive Positioning Systems
Marco Luise, Francesca Zanier
2. Linearisation of Transmitter and Receiver Nonlinearities in Optical OFDM Transmission
Henning Paul, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer
3. Multi-user OFDM Based on Braided Convolutional

Sambath, Sabo - Frontiers in Computer Education, ebook

Frontiers in Computer Education

Sambath, Sabo


Table of contents
1. Personalized Recommendation System of Third-Party E-Commerce
Bai Juan, Zhao Wu
2. Application of Multimedia Technology in Mechanical Engineering Material Teaching of Vocational College
Maoquan Xue
3. Design and Auto Machining of Friction Disc Casting Die Cavity Based on MasterCAM

Wu, Yanwen - Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: Theory and Practice, ebook

Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: Theory and Practice

Wu, Yanwen


Table of contents
1. Analytic Solutions of a Second-Order Functional Differential Equation
Lingxia Liu
2. Analytic Solutions of an Iterative Functional Differential Equation with State Dependent Delay
Lingxia Liu
3. The Study of Optimal Conditions of Electroporation in Gluconacetobacter Xylinum