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Danks, Adrian - American–Australian Cinema, ebook

American–Australian Cinema

Danks, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Where I’m Calling From: An American–Australian Cinema?
Adrian Danks, Stephen Gaunson, Peter C. Kunze
Part I. Across the Pacific: Looking to America
2. Rudimentary Modernism: Ken G. Hall, Rear-Projection and 1930s…

Giblett, Rod - Landscapes of Culture and Nature, ebook

Landscapes of Culture and Nature

Giblett, Rod


Table of contents
1. Quaking Zone: Where Body, Land and Mind Meet
Rod Giblett
Part I. Uncanny
2. Alligators, Crocodiles and the Monstrous Uncanny
Rod Giblett
3. The Nether World of the Uncanny City of Dreadful Night
Rod Giblett

Griffiths, John - Imperial Culture in Antipodean Cities, 1880–1939, ebook

Imperial Culture in Antipodean Cities, 1880–1939

Griffiths, John


Empire City or Global City? North American Culture in the Antipodean City c. 1880–1939
John Griffiths
5. Integration or Separation? Attitudes to Empire in the Antipodean Press c. 1880s–1930s
John Griffiths
6. Uniform Diversity? Youth Organisations

Gehrmann, Richard - Memory and the Wars on Terror, ebook

Memory and the Wars on Terror

Gehrmann, Richard


False Memories and Professional Culture: The Australian Defence Force, the Government and the Media at War in Afghanistan
Kevin Foster
3. The Limitations of Memory and the Language of the War on Terror in Australia, 2001–2003
Amanda Laugesen
4. Enemies

Rhea, Zane Ma - Frontiers of Taste, ebook

Frontiers of Taste

Rhea, Zane Ma


Table of contents
1. Food Security and the Colonial Impact
Zane Ma Rhea
Part I. Food and Food Knowledge
2. Framing Indigenous Foodways Prior to Colonization
Zane Ma Rhea
3. Endogenous Edible Foods at First Contact
Zane Ma Rhea

Miles, Adrian - Digital Media and Documentary, ebook

Digital Media and Documentary

Miles, Adrian


Table of contents
1. Thirteen Points of View from Afar
Adrian Miles
2. Moments of Noticing: ‘I See You’ as a Speculative Work Towards an Essayistic List Practice for Interactive Documentary
Hannah Brasier
3. Documentary, Instructions,…