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Matamala, Anna - Researching Audio Description, ebook

Researching Audio Description

Matamala, Anna


Game Accessibility for the Blind: Current Overview and the Potential Application of Audio Description as the Way Forward
Carme Mangiron, Xiaochun Zhang
6. Should Audio Description Reflect the Way Sighted Viewers Look at

Hua, Guang - Digital Audio Watermarking, ebook

Digital Audio Watermarking

Hua, Guang


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yong Xiang, Guang Hua, Bin Yan
2. Human Auditory System and Perceptual Quality Measurement
Yong Xiang, Guang Hua, Bin Yan
3. Classical Techniques and Recent Developments
Yong Xiang, Guang Hua, Bin Yan
4. Reversible Audio Watermarking
Yong Xiang, Guang Hua, Bin

Makino, Shoji - Audio Source Separation, ebook

Audio Source Separation

Makino, Shoji


Single-Channel Audio Source Separation with NMF: Divergences, Constraints and Algorithms
Cédric Févotte, Emmanuel Vincent, Alexey Ozerov
2. Separation of Known Sources Using Non-negative Spectrogram Factorisation
Tuomas Virtanen, Tom Barker
3. Dynamic

You, Yuli - Audio Coding, ebook

Audio Coding

You, Yuli


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yuli You
2. Scalar Quantization
Yuli You
3. Vector Quantization
Yuli You
4. Linear Prediction
Yuli You
5. Transform Coding
Yuli You
6. Subband Coding
Yuli You
7. Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks
Yuli You
8. Entropy and Coding

Stotz, Dieter - Computergestützte Audio- und Videotechnik, ebook

Computergestützte Audio- und Videotechnik

Stotz, Dieter


Table of contents
1. Grundlagen zur Audiotechnik
Dieter Stotz
2. Abtastung und Digitalisierung
Dieter Stotz
3. Bearbeitung von Sampling-Dateien
Dieter Stotz
Dieter Stotz
5. Audio-Messtechnik
Dieter Stotz
6. Vergleich mit herkömmlicher Audiotechnik
Dieter Stotz
7. Grundlagen