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Kono, Mitsuo - Nonlinear Physics of Plasmas, ebook

Nonlinear Physics of Plasmas

Kono, Mitsuo


Table of contents
1. Basic Properties of High Temperature Plasmas
Mitsuo Kono, Miloš M. Škorić
2. The Kinetic Theory of Plasmas
Mitsuo Kono, Miloš M. Škorić
3. The Fluid Theory of Plasmas
Mitsuo Kono, Miloš M. Škorić
4. Waves in Plasmas
Mitsuo Kono, Miloš M. Škorić
5. Nonlinear

Bonitz, Michael - Introduction to Complex Plasmas, ebook

Introduction to Complex Plasmas

Bonitz, Michael


Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Strongly Correlated Dusty Plasmas
Torben Ott, Patrick Ludwig, Hanno Kählert, Michael Bonitz
11. Nonthermal Reactive Plasmas
Jürgen Meichsner
12. Formation and Deposition of Nanosize Particles on Surfaces

Janulewicz, K.A. - X-Ray Lasers 2006, ebook

X-Ray Lasers 2006

Janulewicz, K.A.


Table of contents
1. Overview of Tabletop X-Ray Laser Development at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
J. Dunn, V. N. Shlyaptsev, J. Nilsen, R. F. Smith, R. Keenan, S. J. Moon, J. Filevich, J. Rocca, A. J. Nelson, J. R. Hunter, M. c. MarconiS, L. Li, A. L. Osterheld, R. Shepherd, H. Fiedorowicz, A. Bartnik,

Kunze, Hans-Joachim - Introduction to Plasma Spectroscopy, ebook

Introduction to Plasma Spectroscopy

Kunze, Hans-Joachim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hans-Joachim Kunze
2. Quantities of Spectroscopy
Hans-Joachim Kunze
3. Spectroscopic Instruments
Hans-Joachim Kunze
4. Detectors
Hans-Joachim Kunze
5. Calibration
Hans-Joachim Kunze

Sebban, Stéphane - X-Ray Lasers 2012, ebook

X-Ray Lasers 2012

Sebban, Stéphane


Table of contents
1. Coherent Pulses from a Seeded Free-Electron Laser in the Extreme Ultraviolet
E. Allaria, D. Castronovo, G. Ninno, S. Mitri, W. Fawley, E. Ferrari, L. Froehlich, L. Giannessi, B. Mahieu, G. Penco, C. Spezzani, M. Trovo

Lee, Jongmin - X-Ray Lasers 2010, ebook

X-Ray Lasers 2010

Lee, Jongmin


Table of contents
Part 1. X-Ray Laser Systems
1. Recent results and future plans for XRLs using the TARANIS laser facility
C. L. S. Lewis, T. Dzelzainis, D. Riley, D. Doria, S. Whyte, M. Borghesi, G. Nersisyan, D. Marlow, K. McKeever, G. J.…