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Fontana, Marco - Rings, Polynomials, and Modules, ebook

Rings, Polynomials, and Modules

Fontana, Marco


n-Absorbing Ideals of Commutative Rings and Recent Progress on Three Conjectures: A Survey
Ayman Badawi
4. Embedding Dimension and Codimension of Tensor Products of Algebras over a Field
S. Bouchiba, S. Kabbaj
5. Minimal Generating Sets for the D-Algebra

Buan, Aslak Bakke - Algebras, Quivers and Representations, ebook

Algebras, Quivers and Representations

Buan, Aslak Bakke


Preprojective Algebras, Singularity Categories and Orthogonal Decompositions
Claire Amiot
2. (Contravariant) Koszul Duality for DG Algebras
Luchezar L. Avramov
3. The Fundamental Group of a Morphism in a Triangulated Category
Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz

Huynh, Dinh - Advances in Ring Theory, ebook

Advances in Ring Theory

Huynh, Dinh


Strongly Prime Ideals of Near-rings of Continuous Functions
G. L. Booth
6. Elements of Minimal Prime Ideals in General Rings
W. D. Burgess, A. Lashgari, A. Mojiri
7. On a Theorem of Camps and Dicks
Victor Camillo, Pace P. Nielsen
8. Applications

Peeva, Irena - Commutative Algebra, ebook

Commutative Algebra

Peeva, Irena


Table of contents
1. Lazarsfeld–Mukai Bundles and Applications
Marian Aprodu
2. Some Applications of Commutative Algebra to String Theory
Paul S. Aspinwall
3. Measuring Singularities with Frobenius: The Basics
Angélica Benito, Eleonore Faber, Karen E. Smith
4. Three Flavors of Extremal Betti Tables

Lam, Tsit Yuen - Serre’s Problem on Projective Modules, ebook

Serre’s Problem on Projective Modules

Lam, Tsit Yuen


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Serre’s Conjecture: 1955–1976
Tsit Yuen Lam
2. Foundations
Tsit Yuen Lam
3. The “Classical” Results on Serre’s Conjecture
Tsit Yuen Lam
4. The Basic Calculus of Unimodular Rows