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Thang, Hoang Viet - Rethinking Fisheries Governance, ebook

Rethinking Fisheries Governance

Thang, Hoang Viet


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Hoang Viet Thang
2. Critiques of Ostrom’s Approach: A View from Fisheries Governance
Hoang Viet Thang
3. The Fisheries Co-management Approach: Critiques and Theoretical Framework of the Research
Hoang Viet Thang
4. Akita Fisheries Cooperative Associations, Japan

Guo, Sujian - Civil Society and Governance in China, ebook

Civil Society and Governance in China

Guo, Sujian


Governance and Civil Society in Theoretical Perspectives
2. Governance as Political Theory
B. Guy Peters
3. The Tension between Governance and State-Building
Jianxing Yu, Ziying He
4. Creating Civil-Society Structures

Lindsay, Nicole Marie - Governance Ecosystems, ebook

Governance Ecosystems

Lindsay, Nicole Marie


Introduction: Companies and the Company They Keep: CSR in a ‘Social and Environmental Value Governance Ecosystems’ Context
Julia Sagebien, Nicole Marie Lindsay
2. Systemic Causes, Systemic Solutions
Julia Sagebien, Nicole Marie Lindsay
3. Sustainable