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Dhingra, Pawan - Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, ebook

Asian America: Sociological and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dhingra, Pawan


Asian Americans are the fastest growing minority population in the country. Moreover, they provide a wonderful lens on the experiences of immigrants and minorities in the United States more generally, both historically and today. In this timely new text, Pawan Dhingra and Robyn Magalit Rodriguez

West, John - Asian Century… on a Knife-edge, ebook

Asian Century… on a Knife-edge

West, John


Taking Stock of Asia’s Economic and Social Development
2. Asia’s Stunted Economic Development
John West
3. Asia’s Mythical Middle-Class Society
John West
Part II. Seven Challenges for an Asian Century
4. Getting Better Value Out of Global

Carroll, Toby - The Politics of Marketising Asia, ebook

The Politics of Marketising Asia

Carroll, Toby


Theorising Asia’s Marketisation under Late Capitalism: Risk, Capital and the New Politics of Development
Toby Carroll, Darryl S. L. Jarvis
2. Risk, Social Protection and the World Market
Paul Cammack
3. The International Finance Corporation’s Transformation

Lai, Hongyi - Asian Energy Security, ebook

Asian Energy Security

Lai, Hongyi


The Maritime Dimension of Energy Security in East Asia: Legal Implications
Keyuan Zou
7. Traffic Pattern, Safety, and Security in the Straits of Malacca
Takashi Ichioka
8. Piracy and Energy Security in Southeast Asian Waters
Ke Xu
9. The Security

Kingston, Jeff - Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945, ebook

Nationalism in Asia: A History Since 1945

Kingston, Jeff


Using a comparative, interdisciplinary approach, Nationalism in Asia analyzes currents of nationalism in five contemporary Asian societies: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea. Explores the ways in which nationalism is expressed, embraced,

Bakar, Osman - Asian Islam in the 21st Century, ebook

Asian Islam in the 21st Century

Bakar, Osman


Although more than half of the world's Muslims live in Asia, most books on contemporary Islam focus on the Middle East, giving short shift to the dynamic and diverse presence of Asian Islam in regional and global politics.

Picard, Michel - The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond, ebook

The Appropriation of Religion in Southeast Asia and Beyond

Picard, Michel


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Local Traditions and World Religions. Encountering ‘Religion’ in Southeast Asia and Melanesia
Michel Picard
2. About Buddhist Burma: Thathana, or ‘Religion’ as Social Space
Bénédicte Brac de la Perrière
3. The (Re)configuration of the Buddhist Field in Post-Communist

Ghaill, Mairtin Mac an - East Asian Men, ebook

East Asian Men

Ghaill, Mairtin Mac an


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xiaodong Lin, Chris Haywood, Mairtin Mac an Ghaill
Part I. Being and Becoming: Subjectivities, Identifications and Intimacy
2. Single Male Rural-Urban Migrant Workers and the Negotiation of Masculinity in China
Xiaodong Lin
3. Acting Straight? Non-heterosexual Salarymen