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Estok, Simon C. - East Asian Ecocriticisms, ebook

East Asian Ecocriticisms

Estok, Simon C.


Environmental Dimensions in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Criticism
Jincai Yang
12. Between Animalizing Nature and Dehumanizing Culture
Lily Hong Chen
13. On the Four Keystones of Ecological Aesthetic Appreciation
Xiangzhan Cheng
14. Afterword:

Hang, Krista Fleit - Literature the People Love, ebook

Literature the People Love

Hang, Krista Fleit


People’s Literature and the Construction of a New Chinese Literary Tradition
Krista Fleit Hang
3. Creativity and Containment in the Transformations of Li Shuangshuang
Krista Fleit Hang
4. The Heart of the Party: Gender and Communist Party Ideals in

Foster, Kate - Chinese Literature and the Child, ebook

Chinese Literature and the Child

Foster, Kate


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kate Foster
2. The Literary Child
Kate Foster
3. Children of Reality and Fiction
Kate Foster
4. Child of Sorrow: The Arrested Infant
Kate Foster
5. Corrupt Seed: The Tainted Progeny

Gao, Yu - The Birth of Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature, ebook

The Birth of Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature

Gao, Yu


Foreignization and Assimilation: Translated World Literature and Modern Chinese Literature
Yu Gao
6. Nothing but Culture: The Pen War Between Hu Shi and the Conservative Xueheng School
Yu Gao
7. Lu Xun’s View of Language, His Writing, and Its Relation