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Cotterell, Arthur - Asia: A Concise History, ebook

Asia: A Concise History

Cotterell, Arthur


Beginning with the emergence of the world's earliest civilization in 3000 BC, Asia: A Concise History provides a fascinating look at the global convulsions?like the rise and fall of Assyria and Persia, the medieval states that

Church, Peter - A Short History of South-East Asia, ebook

A Short History of South-East Asia

Church, Peter


Explore the fascinating history of south-east Asia
A Short History of South-East Asia, Sixth Edition is the latest in a series of updated texts spotlighting this fascinating region. With revised chapters for all of the countries in this geographic

Dobbs, Stephen - Oral History in Southeast Asia, ebook

Oral History in Southeast Asia

Dobbs, Stephen


Oral History and Fragments in Southeast Asia
1. Oral History and Fragments in Southeast Asia
Kah Seng Loh, Ernest Koh, Alistair Thomson
Part I. Oral History and Official History

Wright, Ashley - Opium and Empire in Southeast Asia, ebook

Opium and Empire in Southeast Asia

Wright, Ashley


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ashley Wright
2. The Fashioning of Colonial Opium Policy in Arakan and Tenasserim, 1826–1852
Ashley Wright
3. Regulating Opium in British Burma, 1852–1885: Addiction, Ethnicity and Revenue

Rossabi, Morris - A History of China, ebook

A History of China

Rossabi, Morris


Capturing China’s past in all its complexity, this multi-faceted history portrays China in the context of a larger global world, while incorporating the narratives of Chinese as well as non-Chinese ethnic groups and discussing people traditionally left out of the story—peasants,