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West, John - Asian Century… on a Knife-edge, ebook

Asian Century… on a Knife-edge

West, John


Taking Stock of Asia’s Economic and Social Development
2. Asia’s Stunted Economic Development
John West
3. Asia’s Mythical Middle-Class Society
John West
Part II. Seven Challenges for an Asian Century
4. Getting Better Value Out of Global

Lai, Hongyi - Asian Energy Security, ebook

Asian Energy Security

Lai, Hongyi


The Maritime Dimension of Energy Security in East Asia: Legal Implications
Keyuan Zou
7. Traffic Pattern, Safety, and Security in the Straits of Malacca
Takashi Ichioka
8. Piracy and Energy Security in Southeast Asian Waters
Ke Xu
9. The Security

Graetz, Geordan - Mining in the Asia-Pacific, ebook

Mining in the Asia-Pacific

Graetz, Geordan


Regulatory Regimes, Foreign Mining Investment, and Risk in the Asia-Pacific Region: Comparative Evaluation and Policy Implications
Terry O’Callaghan, Vlado Vivoda
4. Property, Politics, and Power: Theorising Political Risk in the Mining Industry

Jayanthakumaran, Kankesu - Industrialization and Challenges in Asia, ebook

Industrialization and Challenges in Asia

Jayanthakumaran, Kankesu


Table of contents
Part 1. Trade Strategies and the Asian Tigers
1. Inward Orientation as a Development Strategy
Kankesu Jayanthakumaran
2. Outward Orientation as an Alternative Strategy
Kankesu Jayanthakumaran
3. Japan and the Asian Tigers
Kankesu Jayanthakumaran
Part II. The Followers of the Asian

Chan, T. S. - The Rise of Asian Firms, ebook

The Rise of Asian Firms

Chan, T. S.


Research on Asian Firms: A Review and Look Forward
1. Research on Asian Firms: A Review and Look Forward
Geng Cui, T. S. Chan, Hua Zhang
Part I. Asian Firms: Environment, Institutions

Barisitz, Stephan - Central Asia and the Silk Road, ebook

Central Asia and the Silk Road

Barisitz, Stephan


Central Asia (CA) and the Silk Road (SR): Definitions and Traits
Stephan Barisitz
2. From the Beginnings to the Emergence of the Silk Road (SR)
Stephan Barisitz
3. From the Migration Period to the Pinnacle of Nomadic Power: The Mongol Eurasian Empire

Fujita, Masahisa - Regional Integration in East Asia, ebook

Regional Integration in East Asia

Fujita, Masahisa


Globalization, Regional Integration, and Spatial Economics: An Introduction
Masahisa Fujita
Part I. Regional Integration and Spatial Economics
2. The ‘New’ Economic Geography: Where Are We?
Paul Krugman
3. European Integration: A View from Spatial