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Chang, Lennon Y.C. - Comparative Criminology in Asia, ebook

Comparative Criminology in Asia

Chang, Lennon Y.C.


Why Compare? Asian Countries, the West and Comparative Criminology
2. The New Asian Paradigm: A Relational Approach
Jianhong Liu
3. Asian Values, Crime and Social Change
Max Travers
4. Comparative Empirical Co-ordinates

Liu, Jianhong - Handbook of Asian Criminology, ebook

Handbook of Asian Criminology

Liu, Jianhong


Progress of Asian Criminology: Editors’ Introduction
Jianhong Liu, Bill Hebenton, Susyan Jou
2. Homicide in Asia
Mengyan Dai
3. Curbing Corruption and Enhancing Trust in Government: Some Lessons from Singapore

Gore, Meredith L. - Conservation Criminology, ebook

Conservation Criminology

Gore, Meredith L.


This important new text introduces conservation criminology as the interdisciplinary study of environmental exploitation and risks at the intersection of human and natural systems. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the book enhances understanding of the various human and organizational

Yuan, Xiaoyu - Restorative Justice in China, ebook

Restorative Justice in China

Yuan, Xiaoyu


Table of contents
Part I. Introducing the Topic
1. Introducing the Topic
Xiaoyu Yuan
2. Conflict Resolution in China: Cultural Then Political?
Xiaoyu Yuan
3. Criminal Mediation in the Chinese Criminal Justice Context

Liu, Jianhong - Crime and Justice in Contemporary Japan, ebook

Crime and Justice in Contemporary Japan

Liu, Jianhong


Table of contents
1. Asian Criminology and Crime and Justice in Japan: An Introduction
Jianhong Liu, Setsuo Miyazawa
Part I. Changing Crimes in Japan
2. Changes in Crime and Reactions to Crime in Japan Becoming Stagnant with Aging
Minoru Yokoyama
3. Kin, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Contemporary Japan

Bao, Wan-Ning - Delinquent Youth in a Transforming China, ebook

Delinquent Youth in a Transforming China

Bao, Wan-Ning


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wan-Ning Bao
2. Societal-Level Changes and Criminogenic Strain
Wan-Ning Bao
3. Individual-Level Changes and Criminogenic Strain
Wan-Ning Bao
4. Mediating Mechanisms of Strain and Delinquency