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Kinnia, Yau Shuk-ting - East Asian Cinema and Cultural Heritage, ebook

East Asian Cinema and Cultural Heritage

Kinnia, Yau Shuk-ting


Contested Heritage: Cinema, Collective Memory, and the Politics of Local Heritage in Hong Kong
Vivian Pui-yin Lee
4. Traditional Chinese Aesthetics and Contemporary Chinese Films: Applying the Idea of Qi-yun to Understand the Temporal Structure of Selected

Lee, Vivian P. Y. - East Asian Cinemas, ebook

East Asian Cinemas

Lee, Vivian P. Y.


Bicycle Thieves and Pickpockets in the “Desert of the Real”: Transnational Chinese Cinema, Postmodernism, and the Transcendental Style
Gina Marchetti
5. 007 in Late Colonial Hong Kong: Technology, Masculinity, and Sly Humor in Stephen Chow’s From Beijing

Dew, Oliver - Zainichi Cinema, ebook

Zainichi Cinema

Dew, Oliver


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Koreans-in-Japan On-Screen
Oliver Dew
2. 1968/2004: Bridging Imjin River
Oliver Dew
3. Screening the Zainichi Subject
Oliver Dew
4. Excavating the Zainichi Yakuza Film
Oliver Dew

Creekmur, Corey K. - Cinema, Law, and the State in Asia, ebook

Cinema, Law, and the State in Asia

Creekmur, Corey K.


Introduction Cinema, Law, and the State in Asia
Corey K. Creekmur
Part 1. India
2. Cinema, Citizenship, and the Illegal City
Lawrence Liang
3. Bombay Bhai: The Gangster in and behind Popular Hindi Cinema
Corey K. Creekmur
4. Sex in the Transnational

Cheung, Esther M.K. - A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema, ebook

A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema

Cheung, Esther M.K.


A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema represents the first comprehensive exploration of this unique global cinema. By embracing the interdisciplinary approach of contemporary film and cultural studies, this collection navigates theoretical debates while charting

Bettinson, Gary - The Poetics of Chinese Cinema, ebook

The Poetics of Chinese Cinema

Bettinson, Gary


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Poetics of Chinese Cinema
Gary Bettinson
2. Five Lessons from Stealth Poetics
David Bordwell
3. Red Poetics: The Films of the Chinese Cultural Revolution Revolutionary Model Operas
Chris Berry
4. Renewal of Song Dynasty Landscape Painting Aesthetics Combined with

Hong, Guo-Juin - Taiwan Cinema, ebook

Taiwan Cinema

Hong, Guo-Juin


A Time to Live, a Time to Die: New Taiwan Cinema and Its Vicissitudes, 1982–1986
Guo-Juin Hong
7. Island of No Return: Cinematic Narration as Retrospection in Wang Tong’s Taiwan Trilogy and Beyond
Guo-Juin Hong
8. Anywhere but Here: The Postcolonial

Kim, Sangkyun - Film Tourism in Asia, ebook

Film Tourism in Asia

Kim, Sangkyun


Table of contents
1. Asia on My Mind: Understanding Film Tourism in Asia
Sangkyun Kim, Stijn Reijnders
Part I. Histories and Current Developments
2. Imagining Tourism and Mobilities in Modern India Through Film
Jennifer Laing, Warwick Frost
3. Film Tourism in India: An Emergent Phenomenon
Joydeep Biswas,