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Chan, T. S. - Asian Businesses in a Turbulent Environment, ebook

Asian Businesses in a Turbulent Environment

Chan, T. S.


Table of contents
1. The Multiple Facets of Crisis and Its Impact on IPO Underpricing
Frank W. Ng
2. Switching Focus Between the Three Pillars of Institutional Theory During Social Movements
Michael Yiu Man Lin
3. Respectful Leadership…

Roll, Martin - Asian Brand Strategy, ebook

Asian Brand Strategy

Roll, Martin


Transforming How We Understand Asian Cultures and Consumers
Martin Roll
4. Asian Country Branding
Martin Roll
5. Celebrity Branding in Asia
Martin Roll
6. Asian Brand Strategy
Martin Roll
7. Successful Asian Brand Cases
Martin Roll

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn - Asian Qualitative Research in Tourism, ebook

Asian Qualitative Research in Tourism

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn


Locating Asian Research and Selves in Qualitative Tourism Research
Paolo Mura, Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore
Part I. The Move Away Towards an Asian Research Paradigm
2. Tourism Studies and the Metaphysics of Presence: Matters of Ontology and the Enlightened Eye

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn - Asian Youth Travellers, ebook

Asian Youth Travellers

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn


Determinants of Travel Intention Among Asian Visitors at the Cultural Creative Parks: Perspective from Theory of Planned Behavior
Ryan Wu, Huiling Chen
10. The Interpersonal Interaction and Socialisation of Volunteers: Case Study of Ride for Love

Chan, T. S. - The Rise of Asian Firms, ebook

The Rise of Asian Firms

Chan, T. S.


Research on Asian Firms: A Review and Look Forward
1. Research on Asian Firms: A Review and Look Forward
Geng Cui, T. S. Chan, Hua Zhang
Part I. Asian Firms: Environment, Institutions

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn - Asian Cultures and Contemporary Tourism, ebook

Asian Cultures and Contemporary Tourism

Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn


Asian Cultures and Contemporary Tourism: Locating Asia, Cultural Differences and Trends
Elaine Chiao Ling Yang, Jenna Seung Hyun Lee, Catheryn Khoo-Lattimore
Part I. Collectivist Culture
2. Ethnic Reunions in Tourism: The Route to Roots
Eunice Tan,