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Arts, Bas - Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance, ebook

Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance

Arts, Bas


Table of contents
1. Institutional Dynamics in Environmental Governance
Pieter Leroy, Bas Arts
2. Political Modernisation
Bas Arts, Jan Tatenhove
3. The Dynamics of Policy Arrangements: Turning Round the Tetrahedron
Duncan Liefferink
4. The Governance Capacity of (new) Policy Arrangements: A Reflexive

Kainz, Martin - Lipids in Aquatic Ecosystems, ebook

Lipids in Aquatic Ecosystems

Kainz, Martin


Arts, Christopher C. Kohler
12. Lipids in marine copepods: latitudinal characteristics and perspective to global warming
Gerhard Kattner, Wilhelm Hagen
13. Tracing aquatic food webs using fatty acids: from qualitative indicators to quantitative determination

Macnaughton, Jane - The Body and the Arts, ebook

The Body and the Arts

Macnaughton, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Corinne Saunders, Ulrika Maude, Jane Macnaughton
Part I. Thinking the Body
2. Polyclitus among the Philosophers: Canons of Classical Beauty
George Boys-Stones
3. Body as Graced or Vile: Tensions…

O'Neal, Ivonne Chand - Arts Evaluation and Assessment, ebook

Arts Evaluation and Assessment

O'Neal, Ivonne Chand


Everyday Arts for Special Education: Impact on Student Learning and Teacher Development
Rob Horowitz
4. Learning Through Music: A Five-Year Evaluation of the Cleveland Orchestra’s Learning Through Music Program
Hal Abeles, Mary Hafeli
5. Aging and

Nelson, Robin - Practice as Research in the Arts, ebook

Practice as Research in the Arts

Nelson, Robin


Table of contents
Part I. Robin Nelson on Practice as Research
1. Introduction: The What, Where, When and Why of ‘Practice as Research’
Robin Nelson
2. From Practitioner to Practitioner-Researcher
Robin Nelson
3. Conceptual Frameworks…

Aprill, Arnold - Education, Arts and Sustainability, ebook

Education, Arts and Sustainability

Aprill, Arnold


A Conversation on the Possibilities for Arts and Sustainability Education
Mary Ann Hunter, Arnold Aprill, Allen Hill, Sherridan Emery
2. (What’s at) The Heart of the Matter? Sustainability, Arts, and the Case for Change

Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik - Arts-Research-Education, ebook


Cutcher, Alexandra Lasczik


Rearticulating Arts, Research, and Education from the Disciplinary to the Affective in Public Arts Practices
Linda Knight
3. Encountering Research as Creative Practice: Participants Giving Voice to the Research
Don MacDougall, Rita L. Irwin, Adrienne Boulton,

Bindner, Donald - Mathematics for the Liberal Arts, ebook

Mathematics for the Liberal Arts

Bindner, Donald


Presents a clear bridge between mathematics and the liberal arts
Mathematics for the Liberal Arts provides a comprehensible and precise introduction to modern mathematics intertwined with the history of mathematical discoveries. The book discusses mathematical ideas in the context of