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Rosenthal, T.G. - On Art and Artists, ebook

On Art and Artists

Rosenthal, T.G.


These critical essays on art and artists by T.G. Rosenthal, chosen by the author from his considerable output over more than fifty years of writing and reviewing, focus mainly on what has come to be known as ‘Modern British’ art - art from the 20th century. Rosenthal knew many of his

Esner, Rachel - The Mediatization of the Artist, ebook

The Mediatization of the Artist

Esner, Rachel


The Artist in the (Illustrated) Press
2. “At Home”: Visiting the Artist’s Studio in the Nineteenth-Century French Illustrated Press
Rachel Esner
3. Success Stories and Martyrologies: Images of Artists

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Joyce, James


"A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" is the first novel of Irish writer James Joyce. A Künstlerroman in a modernist style, it traces the intellectual and religious philosophical awakening of young Stephen Dedalus, a fictional alter ego of Joyce and an allusion to Daedalus, the consummate

Thornton, Alan - Artist, Researcher, Teacher, ebook

Artist, Researcher, Teacher

Thornton, Alan


Against the backdrop of an expanding research culture and current employment models in the United States and the United Kingdom – where many artists also work as teachers – he argues for the necessity of a theory that both reflects and influences practice in the

Wilson, Jenny - Artists in the University, ebook

Artists in the University

Wilson, Jenny


Table of contents
1. Artists in the University: An Introduction
Jenny Wilson
2. Worlds Colliding—The Ongoing Influence of Amalgamation
Jenny Wilson
3. The University as a Site for Artistic Practice
Jenny Wilson
4. Is Artistic Practice Research?
Jenny Wilson
5. Artistic Research Within National

Bronson, Charles - Born Again Artist, ebook

Born Again Artist

Bronson, Charles


Half way down you wish you had gone to bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a copy of 'Born Again Artist' with some fig rolls. Hells bells, enjoy!

Sudar, Vlastimir - A Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident, ebook

A Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident

Sudar, Vlastimir


Aleksandar Saša Petrović (1929–1994) was one of the most significant filmmakers to come out of Socialist Yugoslavia. He was by far the most awarded director on a national level, winning three Golden Arenas at the Yugoslav Film Festival in Pula, as…

Hathaway, Heather - Race and the Modern Artist, ebook

Race and the Modern Artist

Hathaway, Heather


Definitions of modernism have been debated throughout the twentieth century. But both during the height of the modernist era and since, little to no consideration has been given to the work of minority writers as part of this movement. Considering works…