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Hume, Helen D. - The Art Teacher's Book of Lists, ebook

The Art Teacher's Book of Lists

Hume, Helen D.


A revised and updated edition of the best-selling resource for art teachers
This time-tested book is written for teachers who need accurate and updated information about the world of art, artists, and art movements, including the arts

Casa, Jennifer - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crafting with Kids, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crafting with Kids

Casa, Jennifer


And what better way to spend time together than doing an activity that's not only fun but also promotes creativity and self-expression?
Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crafting with Kids is packed with step-by-step instructions for making crafts throughout the year, from outdoor projects

Bender, Jonathan - LEGO: A Love Story, ebook

LEGO: A Love Story

Bender, Jonathan


Explores the world of adult fans of LEGO, from rediscovering the childhood joys of building with LEGO to evaluating LEGO's place in culture and art Takes an inside look at LEGO conventions, community taboos, and build challenges and goes behind-the-scenes at LEGO

Underiner, Tamara - Theatre, Performance and Change, ebook

Theatre, Performance and Change

Underiner, Tamara


100 Questions 3 Ideas 1 Story and a Ghost
Michael Rohd
30. SHIFT2
Jon D. Rossini
31. “The Odéon is Open”: Performative Politics and the Paris 1968 Uprising
Alan Sikes
32. Despite Artists’ Intentions, Emancipated Spectatorship Reinforces

Grahe, Jon E. - Designing and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses, ebook

Designing and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses

Grahe, Jon E.


The ideas presented in the book are supported by regional and national surveys that help the reader understand what's common, what's exceptional, what works, and what doesn't within capstone courses. The authors also provide additional information specific to different