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Leach, Neil - Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research, ebook

Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research

Leach, Neil


Forty years on from the first moon landing, architecture in Space is entering a new era. Over the last decade, there has been a fundamental shift in the Space industry from short-term pioneering expeditions to long-term planning for colonisation, and new ventures such as Space tourism. Architects

Sheil, Bob - Manufacturing the Bespoke: Making and Prototyping Architecture, ebook

Manufacturing the Bespoke: Making and Prototyping Architecture

Sheil, Bob


The essential reader on fabrication in architecture for practitioners and producers alike
An original and informative reader on the subject of translating architectural ideas from conceptual propositions to physical manifestations, Manufacturing the Bespoke is an essential resource for

Taylor, Mark - Surface Consciousness, ebook

Surface Consciousness

Taylor, Mark


"Surface" is the current buzz-word in contemporary architecture and is the main focus of some of today’s most cutting-edge and exciting architectural projects. This new issue of Architectural Design intends to bring its readers to a new surface consciousness.
This new edition of

Denison, Edward - Luke Him Sau, Architect: China's Missing Modern, ebook

Luke Him Sau, Architect: China's Missing Modern

Denison, Edward


In London, Luke was offered the post of Head of the Architecture Department at the newly established Bank of China, where IM Pei's father was a senior figure. Luke spent the next seven years in the inimitable city of Shanghai designing buildings all over China for

Brown, Robert Kevin - Facility Management, ebook

Facility Management

Brown, Robert Kevin

From 146,55€

From the moment it was first published, Facility Management became the ultimate reference for facility and design professionals who want to create a productive workplace that corresponds to the short- and long-term goals of their corporation. This Second…

Kibert, Charles - Working Toward Sustainability, ebook

Working Toward Sustainability

Kibert, Charles


Because sustainability ultimately rests on ethics, this groundbreaking book is a crucial link in extending sustainability from a mere intellectual exercise to a broader spectrum. Ethics of Sustainability develops a comprehensive ethical foundation for…