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Bintliff, John - A Companion to Archaeology, ebook

A Companion to Archaeology

Bintliff, John


A Companion to Archaeology features essays from 27 of the world’s leading authorities on different types of archaeology that aim to define the field and describe what it means to be an archaeologist.
Shows that contemporary archaeology

UNKNOWN - Archaeology Underwater: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice, ebook

Archaeology Underwater: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice



Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice provides a comprehensive summary of the archaeological process as applied in an underwater context.Long awaited second edition of what is popularly referred to as the NAS HandbookProvides a practical guide to underwater

Stark, Miriam T. - Archaeology of Asia, ebook

Archaeology of Asia

Stark, Miriam T.


This introduction to the archaeology of Asia focuses on case studies from the region’s last 10,000 years of history.
Comprises fifteen chapters by some of the world’s foremost Asia archaeologistsSheds light on the most compelling aspects of Asian archaeology,

Comer, Douglas C. - The Archaeology of Interdependence, ebook

The Archaeology of Interdependence

Comer, Douglas C.


Table of contents
1. The American Wars of Independence as Elements of Global Cultural and Political Change
Douglas Comer
2. Archaeology, Computer Technology, and the Battle of Princeton as a Cross-Cultural, Trans-Atlantic Encounter
Robert A. Selig, Matthew Harris, Wade P. Catts
3. St. Eustatius: The Nexus

Rockman, Marcy - Archaeology in Society, ebook

Archaeology in Society

Rockman, Marcy


What Public Engagement in Archaeology Really Means
Joe Flatman, Robert C. Chidester, David A. Gadsby
6. Archaeological Research and the Academic Process
Vance T. Holliday, Nan A. Rothschild
7. Building an Archaeological Business
Michael D. Metcalf,

Wendrich, Willeke - Egyptian Archaeology, ebook

Egyptian Archaeology

Wendrich, Willeke


Egyptian Archaeology explores ancient Egypt using a uniquely archaeological approach, drawing on original research to both synthesize and challenge existing scholarship.Written by leading Egyptologists, based on original research and fieldworkIllustrates how practical research is a vital

Schiffer, Michael Brian - The Archaeology of Science, ebook

The Archaeology of Science

Schiffer, Michael Brian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Brian Schiffer
2. Science: A Behavioral Perspective
Michael Brian Schiffer
3. Varieties of Scientific Knowledge
Michael Brian Schiffer
4. Contributions of Experimental Archaeology
Michael Brian Schiffer
5. Contributions of Ethnoarchaeology