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Leung, Man-Tak - Applied Psychology Readings, ebook

Applied Psychology Readings

Leung, Man-Tak


Table of contents
1. Musical Accompaniment as a Factor of Psychological Effectiveness of Advertising
Natalia V. Antonova, Vladislav Gorbov
2. Trauma Amongst TV News Crews: The Protective Function of Crew Solidarity
Jasmine B. MacDonald,…

Michie, Susan - Health Psychology in Practice, ebook

Health Psychology in Practice

Michie, Susan


Published by Blackwell in association with the British Psychological Society, Health Psychology in Practice provides a comprehensive overview of the UK professional Stage 2 Qualification in Health Psychology.
An essential text for professional training in health psychology,

Leung, Man-Tak - Applied Psychology Readings, ebook

Applied Psychology Readings

Leung, Man-Tak


Table of contents
1. The Phenomenology and Ontology of the Oedipus Complex
Matthew Gildersleeve
2. The Behavioral-Related Conditioned Sound in Cross Modal Stroop Task
Hau Lam Agnes Chan, De-Hui Ruth Zhou
3. Media Multitaskers and Attentional…

Law, Ho - Coaching Psychology: A Practitioner's Guide, ebook

Coaching Psychology: A Practitioner's Guide

Law, Ho


Coaching Psychology: A Practitioner's Guide takes an in-depth look at the applications and everyday challenges faced by real-world practitioners of coaching and mentoring psychology, and is ideal as a companion to The Psychology

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

Hilton, Warren


Applied Psychology, Psychology and Achievement is the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency.

Caltabiano, Marie Louise - Applied Topics in Health Psychology, ebook

Applied Topics in Health Psychology

Caltabiano, Marie Louise


This selection of in-depth, critical and comprehensive chapters on topical issues in applied health psychology features the work of key researchers and practitioners in the Australasian health system and deals with both theoretical and methodological aspects of the subject.The first health

Crighton, David A. - Forensic Psychology, ebook

Forensic Psychology

Crighton, David A.


Updated to reflect recent changes in the field, the 2nd Edition of Forensic Psychology presents a comprehensive overview of forensic psychology and its applications in the civil and criminal justice systems of the UK.
Builds on the first edition

Alfano, Mark - Moral Psychology: An Introduction, ebook

Moral Psychology: An Introduction

Alfano, Mark


Moral psychology is the systematic inquiry into how morality works, when it does work, and breaks down when it doesn't work.
In this comprehensive new textbook, Mark Alfano outlines the five central concepts in the study of moral psychology: agency,

Law, Ho - The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning, ebook

The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning

Law, Ho


The Psychology of Coaching, Mentoring and Learning addresses the psychological principles upon which organizational and industrial coaching and mentoring is based. The new edition of this text is updatd with new research, taking into account the growth of positive psychology