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Andel, Jelte van - Restoration Ecology: The New Frontier, ebook

Restoration Ecology: The New Frontier

Andel, Jelte van


Enlarged, enhanced and internationalized edition of the first restoration ecology textbook to be published, with foreword by Dr. Steven Whisnant of Texas A&M University and Chair of the Society of Ecological Restoration.
Since 2006, when the first edition of this book appeared, major

Richter, Matthias - Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework, ebook

Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework

Richter, Matthias


Applied Urban Ecology: A Global Framework explores ways in which the environmental quality of urban areas can be improved starting with existing environmental conditions and their dynamics. Written by an internationally renowned selection of scientists

Bunting, Stephen C. - Applied Landscape Ecology, ebook

Applied Landscape Ecology

Bunting, Stephen C.


An insightful guide to the concepts and practices of modern landscape ecology
Elements of geography, conservation biology, soil science and other disciplines factor into landscape ecology's rich analyses of the ecological and environmental forces at play across different terrains. With

Franklin, Janet - Vegetation Ecology, ebook

Vegetation Ecology

Franklin, Janet

From 65,35€

Vegetation Ecology, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive, integrated account of plant communities and their environments. Written by leading experts in their field from four continents, the second edition of this book:covers the composition, structure, ecology,

Begon, Michael - Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems, ebook

Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems

Begon, Michael


Begon, Townsend, and Harper's Ecology has long been regarded as the definitive textbook on all aspects of ecology. This new edition provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject, from the first principles of ecology

Farina, Almo - Soundscape Ecology, ebook

Soundscape Ecology

Farina, Almo


Table of contents
1. Soundscape and Landscape Ecology
Almo Farina
2. Sonic Characteristics of the Landscape
Almo Farina
3. Bioacoustics Theories
Almo Farina
4. Communication Theories
Almo Farina
5. Human Dimension of…

Bagnères, Anne-Geneviève - Chemical Ecology, ebook

Chemical Ecology

Bagnères, Anne-Geneviève


The book features comparative perspectives on the field of chemical ecology, present and future, offered by scientists from a wide variety of disciplines. The scientists contributing to this book –biologists, ecologists, biochemists, chemists, biostatisticians – are interested in marine,

Barrientos, Rafael - Railway Ecology, ebook

Railway Ecology

Barrientos, Rafael


Railway Ecology—Experiences and Examples in the Czech Republic
Z. Keken, T. Kušta
16. Ecological Roles of Railway Verges in Anthropogenic Landscapes: A Synthesis of Five Case Studies in Northern France
J.-C. Vandevelde, C. Penone
17. Wildlife Deterrent

Rockwood, Larry L. - Introduction to Population Ecology, ebook

Introduction to Population Ecology

Rockwood, Larry L.


Introduction to Population Ecology, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of population ecology.  It uses a wide variety of field and laboratory examples, botanical to zoological, from the tropics to the tundra, to illustrate