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Cornelius, Sean - Complex Networks IX, ebook

Complex Networks IX

Cornelius, Sean


Theory of Complex Networks
1. On the Eccentricity Function in Graphs
Hend Alrasheed
2. Density Decompositions of Networks
Glencora Borradaile, Theresa Migler, Gordon Wilfong
3. Fast Streaming Small Graph Canonization

Gonçalves, Bruno - Complex Networks VIII, ebook

Complex Networks VIII

Gonçalves, Bruno


Theory of Complex Networks
1. Second-Order Assortative Mixing in Social Networks
Shi Zhou, Ingemar J. Cox, Lars K. Hansen
2. Network Motifs Detection Using Random Networks with Prescribed

Garlaschelli, Diego - Maximum-Entropy Networks, ebook

Maximum-Entropy Networks

Garlaschelli, Diego


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tiziano Squartini, Diego Garlaschelli
2. Maximum-Entropy Ensembles of Graphs
Tiziano Squartini, Diego Garlaschelli
3. Pattern Detection
Tiziano Squartini, Diego Garlaschelli
4. Network Reconstruction
Tiziano Squartini, Diego Garlaschelli
5. Graph Combinatorics

Lobiyal, Daya K. - Next-Generation Networks, ebook

Next-Generation Networks

Lobiyal, Daya K.


Implementing Chaotic and Synchronization Properties of Logistic Maps Using Artificial Neural Networks for Code Generation
Bijoy Kamal Bhattacharyya, Hemanta Kumar Sarmah, Kandarpa Kumar Sarma
44. Enhancement of LAN Infrastructure Performance for Data Center

Kerner, Boris S. - Breakdown in Traffic Networks, ebook

Breakdown in Traffic Networks

Kerner, Boris S.


The Reason for Incommensurability of Three-Phase Theory with Classical Traffic Flow Theories
Boris S. Kerner
9. Time-Delayed Breakdown at Traffic Signal in City Traffic
Boris S. Kerner
10. Theoretical Fundamental of Transportation Science—Breakdown

Kuznetsov, Sergei O. - Formal Concept Analysis of Social Networks, ebook

Formal Concept Analysis of Social Networks

Kuznetsov, Sergei O.


Acquisition of Terminological Knowledge from Social Networks in Description Logic
Francesco Kriegel
6. Formal Concept Analysis of Attributed Networks
Henry Soldano, Guillaume Santini, Dominique Bouthinon
7. A Formal Concept Analysis Look at the Analysis