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Corsi, Patrick - Sequencing Apple's DNA, ebook

Sequencing Apple's DNA

Corsi, Patrick


Da Vinci helps in understanding Jobs, and hence Apple, with his unique way of designing radically novel concepts, which were actually quite crazy for his time.
In order to shed light on a special creative posture, the indomitable sense of specifying undecidable

Oelmaier, Florian - Apple's iPad im Enterprise-Einsatz, ebook

Apple's iPad im Enterprise-Einsatz

Oelmaier, Florian


Table of contents
1. Motivation
Florian Oelmaier, Jochen Hörtreiter, Andreas Seitz
2. Anwendungsfälle des iPad
Florian Oelmaier, Jochen Hörtreiter, Andreas Seitz
3. Bedienphilosophie
Florian Oelmaier, Jochen Hörtreiter, Andreas Seitz
4. Hardware und Software des iPad
Florian Oelmaier, Jochen

Wentk, Richard - Cocoa<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook


Wentk, Richard


Develop applications for Mac OS X with this Developer Reference guide
Make a clean transition to programming in Apple environments using the elegant and dynamic programming API Cocoa and this practical guide. Written by aseasoned Mac expert, this book shows you how to write programs

Nolan, Godfrey - Agile Swift, ebook

Agile Swift

Nolan, Godfrey


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Godfrey Nolan
2. Swift Unit Testing
Godfrey Nolan
3. Third-Party Tools
Godfrey Nolan
4. Mocking
Godfrey Nolan
5. UI Testing
Godfrey Nolan
6. Test Driven Development

Goodwill, James - Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS, ebook

Beginning Swift Games Development for iOS

Goodwill, James


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction to Spritekit
1. Setting Up Your Game Scene and Adding Your First Sprites
James Goodwill, Wesley Matlock
2. SpriteKit Scenes and SKNode Positioning
James Goodwill, Wesley Matlock
3. Adding Physics…

Relan, Kunal - iOS Penetration Testing, ebook

iOS Penetration Testing

Relan, Kunal


Table of contents
1. Introduction to iOS
Kunal Relan
2. iOS App Development Basics
Kunal Relan
3. iOS App Vulnerabilities and Jailbreaking
Kunal Relan
4. Blackbox Testing iOS Apps
Kunal Relan
5. iOS Security Toolkit

Feiler, Jesse - iWork 09 For Dummies, ebook

iWork 09 For Dummies

Feiler, Jesse


Dress up office documents the Apple way with iWork '09 and this friendly guide
If you're a Mac lover and want to explore life outside of that "other productivity suite," here's your chance to dress up your docs with Apple's iWork '09 and this