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Studzinski, G. P.  - Apoptosis: A Practical Approach, ebook

Apoptosis: A Practical Approach

Studzinski, G. P.


This text is designed to provide conceptual outlines and detailed procedures for basic and advanced studies of cell death by apoptosis. Chapters on the recognition of apoptosis as distinguished from necrosis and nonspecific cell DNA damage, are followed

Radosevich, James A. - Apoptosis and Beyond: The Many Ways Cells Die, ebook

Apoptosis and Beyond: The Many Ways Cells Die

Radosevich, James A.


These volumes teach readers to think beyond apoptosis and describes all of the known processes that cells can undergo which result in cell death
This two-volume source on how cells dies is the first, comprehensive collection to cover all of the known processes that cells undergo when

Chen, George G. - Apoptosis in Carcinogenesis and Chemotherapy, ebook

Apoptosis in Carcinogenesis and Chemotherapy

Chen, George G.


Apoptotic Signaling Pathway and Resistance to Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Stem Cells
Prasanthi Karna, Lily Yang
2. Anti-Cancer Strategy of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Bladder Based on Induction of Different Types of Programmed Cell Deaths
Jose A. Karam,

Griffin, Diane E. - Role of Apoptosis in Infection, ebook

Role of Apoptosis in Infection

Griffin, Diane E.


Mechanisms of Apoptosis During Reovirus Infection
P. Clarke, S. M. Richardson-Burns, R. L. DeBiasil, K. L. Tyler
2. Poliovirus, Pathogenesis of Poliomyelitis, and Apoptosis
B. Blondel, F. Colbere-Garapin, T. Couderc, A. Wirotius, F. Guivel-Benhassine

Dong, Zheng - Essentials of Apoptosis, ebook

Essentials of Apoptosis

Dong, Zheng


Tracing the Roots of Death: Apoptosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Didac Carmona-Gutierrez, Frank Madeo
16. Programmed Cell Death in C. elegans
Monica Darland-Ransom, Yi-Chun Wu, Ding Xue
17. Cell Death in Drosophila

Sluyser, Mels - Application of Apoptosis to Cancer Treatment, ebook

Application of Apoptosis to Cancer Treatment

Sluyser, Mels


Calcium Signaling and Apoptosis Resistance of Cancer Cells
Natalia Prevarskaya, Roman Skryma, Yaroslav Shuba
3. Cell Clearance and Cancer
Bengt Fadeel
4. Specific, Pro-Poptotic Cell-Signaling: Design of Novel, Recombinant Targeted Antitumor Agents Operating

Gewirtz, David A. - Apoptosis, Senescence, and Cancer, ebook

Apoptosis, Senescence, and Cancer

Gewirtz, David A.


Evaluating the Importance of Apoptosis and OtherDeterminants of Cell Death and Survival
Bradly G. Wouters, Roland K. Chiu
4. Mitotic Catastrophe
Fiorenza Ianzini, Michael A. Mackey
5. Autophagy and Autophagic Cell Death
Mojgan Djavaheri-Mergny,