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Kontermann, Roland E. - Bispecific Antibodies, ebook

Bispecific Antibodies

Kontermann, Roland E.


Bispecific Antibodies: Developments and Current Perspectives
Roland E. Kontermann
2. Bispecific Antibodies from Hybrid Hybridoma
Gerhard Moldenhauer
3. Generation of Bispecific Antibodies

Lutz, Hans U. - Naturally Occurring Antibodies (NAbs), ebook

Naturally Occurring Antibodies (NAbs)

Lutz, Hans U.


Naturally Occurring IgM Antibodies to Oxidation-Specific Epitopes
Christoph J. Binder
2. Naturally Occurring Autoantibodies to Apoptotic Cells
Keith B. Elkon, Gregg J. Silverman
3. Naturally Occurring Antibodies

UNKNOWN - Catalytic Antibodies, ebook

Catalytic Antibodies



Contains the presentations and discussions that took place during a symposium at the CIBA Foundation on October 1-3, 1990 on the subject of catalytic antibodies. The recognition that monoclonal antibodies can possess catalytic activity is a recent advance

Chernajovsky, Yuti - Therapeutic Antibodies, ebook

Therapeutic Antibodies

Chernajovsky, Yuti


Engineering Antibodies for Stability and Efficient Folding
A. Honegger
4. Human Monoclonal Antibodies from Transgenic Mice
N. Lonberg
3. Antibodies to Cytokines
5. Anti-TNF Antibodies:

Keinan, Ehud - Catalytic Antibodies, ebook

Catalytic Antibodies

Keinan, Ehud


Exploiting the inherent combinatorial mechanism in the biosynthesis of antibodies, an almost limitless variety of biocatalysts may be generated. Catalytic antibodies are capable of performing almost any type of reaction with high selectivity and stereospecificity.

An, Zhiqiang - Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: From Bench to Clinic, ebook

Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies: From Bench to Clinic

An, Zhiqiang

From 210,65€

70-chapter authoritative reference that covers therapeutic monoclonal antibody discovery, development, and clinical applications while incorporating principles, experimental data, and methodologies. First book to address the discovery and development…

Gottschalk, Uwe - Process Scale Purification of Antibodies, ebook

Process Scale Purification of Antibodies

Gottschalk, Uwe


•    Updates existing topics and adds new ones that include purification of antibodies produced in novel production systems, novel separation technologies, novel antibody formats and alternative scaffolds, and strategies for ton-scale manufacturing