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Grimshaw, Anna  - Visualizing Anthropology, ebook

Visualizing Anthropology

Grimshaw, Anna


How can visuality be understood on its own terms rather than by means of established textual frameworks? Visualizing Anthropology takes up this challenge. Bringing together a range of perspectives anchored in practice, the book maps experiments in the forms and techniques

Moore, Henrietta L. - Feminism and Anthropology, ebook

Feminism and Anthropology

Moore, Henrietta L.

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This is the first book which examines the nature and significance of a feminist critique in anthropology. It offers a clear introduction to, and balanced assessment of, the theoretical and practical issues raised by the development of a feminist anthropology.
Henrietta Moore situates

Korom, Frank J. - The Anthropology of Performance: A Reader, ebook

The Anthropology of Performance: A Reader

Korom, Frank J.


The Anthropology of Performance is an invaluable guide to this exciting and growing area.  This cutting-edge volume on the major advancements in performance studies presents the theories, methods, and practices of performance in cultures around the globe. Leading anthropologists describe

Webster, Joseph - The Anthropology of Protestantism, ebook

The Anthropology of Protestantism

Webster, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Gamrie, Words, Signs
Joseph Webster
Part I. Gamrie
2. Situating Gamrie
Joseph Webster
3. The Triple Pinch
Joseph Webster
Part II. Words
4. Preaching
Joseph Webster
5. Testimony

Fassin, Didier - A Companion to Moral Anthropology, ebook

A Companion to Moral Anthropology

Fassin, Didier


A Companion to Moral Anthropology is the first collective consideration of the anthropological dimensions of morals, morality, and ethics. Original essays by international experts explore the various currents, approaches, and issues in this important new discipline, examining topics such

Bangstad, Sindre - Anthropology of Our Times, ebook

Anthropology of Our Times

Bangstad, Sindre


Anthropological Publics, Public Anthropology: An Introduction
Sindre Bangstad
2. In Conversation with Sindre Bangstad and Kristian Berg Harpviken About Lived Islam in the Frontier Regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. House of Literature, April 28, 2011

Brightman, Marc - The Anthropology of Sustainability, ebook

The Anthropology of Sustainability

Brightman, Marc


Introduction: The Anthropology of Sustainability: Beyond Development and Progress
Marc Brightman, Jerome Lewis
2. Anthropology at the Time of the Anthropocene: A Personal View of What Is to Be Studied
Bruno Latour
3. A Threat to Holocene Resurgence

High, Casey - The Anthropology of Ignorance, ebook

The Anthropology of Ignorance

High, Casey


Between Knowing and Being: Ignorance in Anthropology and Amazonian Shamanism
Casey High
6. “I Don’t Know Why He Did It. It Happened by Itself”: Causality and Suicide in Northwest Greenland
Janne Flora
7. Inhabiting the Temporary: Patience and