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Figueroa, Adolfo - Economics of the Anthropocene Age, ebook

Economics of the Anthropocene Age

Figueroa, Adolfo


Table of contents
1. Economic Growth with Social Maladies
Adolfo Figueroa
2. Power Structure and Democracy
Adolfo Figueroa
3. Evolutionary Human Behavior
Adolfo Figueroa
4. Consumerism in the Economic Growth Process
Adolfo Figueroa
5. Individual Freedom and the Common Good
Adolfo Figueroa

Malone, Karen - Children in the Anthropocene, ebook

Children in the Anthropocene

Malone, Karen


Children and the Anthropocene, a Re-turning
Karen Malone
2. Stories That Matter
Karen Malone
3. Cities of Children
Karen Malone
4. Ecologies: Entangled Natures
Karen Malone
5. Movement: Materiality of Mobilities
Karen Malone

Schaumann, Caroline - German Ecocriticism in the Anthropocene, ebook

German Ecocriticism in the Anthropocene

Schaumann, Caroline


Preface: The Anthropocene and the Challenge of Cultural Difference
Ursula K. Heise
2. Introduction
Caroline Schaumann, Heather I. Sullivan
Part I. Ecological Systems and Place in the Anthropocene
3. The Dark Pastoral: A Trope for the Anthropocene

Ehlers, Eckart - Earth System Science in the Anthropocene, ebook

Earth System Science in the Anthropocene

Ehlers, Eckart


Global Change Research in the Anthropocene: Introductory Remarks
Wolfram Mauser
2. Managing Global Change: Earth System Science in the Anthropocene
Eckart Ehlers, Thomas Krafft
3. The “Anthropocene”
Paul J. Crutzen
4. Sustainability Science

Crossland, Christopher J. - Coastal Fluxes in the Anthropocene, ebook

Coastal Fluxes in the Anthropocene

Crossland, Christopher J.


Table of contents
1. The Coastal Zone — a Domain of Global Interactions
Christopher J. Crossland, Dan Baird, Jean-Paul Ducrotoy, Han Lindeboom, Robert W. Buddemeier, William C. Dennison, Bruce A. Maxwell, Stephen V. Smith, Dennis P. Swaney