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Pogorzelski, Ronald J. - Coupled-Oscillator Based Active-Array Antennas, ebook

Coupled-Oscillator Based Active-Array Antennas

Pogorzelski, Ronald J.


Describing an innovative approach to phased-array control in antenna design
This book explores in detail phased-array antennas that use coupled-oscillator arrays, an arrangement featuring a remarkably simple beam steering control system and a major reduction in complexity

Thornton, John - Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering, ebook

Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering

Thornton, John


The aim of this book is to present the modern design principles and analysis of lens antennas. It gives graduates and RF/Microwave professionals the design insights in order to make full use of lens antennas.  Why do we want to write a book in lens

Gao, Steven Shichang - Low-cost Smart Antennas, ebook

Low-cost Smart Antennas

Gao, Steven Shichang


Low-cost Smart Antennas offers a guide to designing smart antenna systems that are low cost, low power, and compact in size and can be applied to satellite communications, radar and mobile communications. The authors — noted experts on the topic — provide introductions

Chen, Xiaodong - Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite Systems, ebook

Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Chen, Xiaodong


This book addresses the fundamentals and practical implementations of antennas for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
In this book, the authors discuss the various aspects of GNSS antennas, including fundamentals of GNSS, design approaches

Chevalier, François Le - Non-standard Antennas, ebook

Non-standard Antennas

Chevalier, François Le

From 215,40€

This book aims at describing the wide variety of new technologies and concepts of non-standard antenna systems – reconfigurable, integrated, terahertz, deformable, ultra-wideband, using metamaterials, or MEMS,  etc, and how they open the way to a wide…

Huang, Yi - Antennas: From Theory to Practice, ebook

Antennas: From Theory to Practice

Huang, Yi


Key features:

Provides thorough coverage on the basics of transmission lines, radio waves and propagation, and antenna analysis and design Discusses industrial standard design software tools, and antenna measurement equipment, facilities and techniques Covers electrically

Begaud, Xavier - Ultra Wide Band Antennas, ebook

Ultra Wide Band Antennas

Begaud, Xavier

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Drawing up a complete state of the art, Ultra Wide Band Antennas is aimed at students, engineers and researchers and presents a summary of internationally recognized studies.