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Bühler, Peter - Animation, ebook


Bühler, Peter


Table of contents
1. Grundlagen
Peter Bühler, Patrick Schlaich, Dominik Sinner
2. 2D-Animation mit Animate
Peter Bühler, Patrick Schlaich, Dominik Sinner
3. 3D-Animation mit Cinema 4D
Peter Bühler, Patrick Schlaich, Dominik…

Eckel, Julia - Im Wandel ... Metamorphosen der Animation, ebook

Im Wandel ... Metamorphosen der Animation

Eckel, Julia


Table of contents
1. Animation im/als Wandel
Julia Eckel, Erwin Feyersinger, Meike Uhrig
2. Schrift und Raum im Wandel
David Ziegenhagen
3. Oberhausen revisited
Franziska Bruckner
4. Komische Transformationen filmischer Vorgänger
Sebastian Kuhn
5. Ceding/Succeeding Images
Christian Stewen

Wells, Paul - Animation, Sport and Culture, ebook

Animation, Sport and Culture

Wells, Paul


Introduction: Sport and Animation: A Good Match?
Paul Wells
2. Body Languages — Early Sporting Animation
Paul Wells
3. Good Sports — Re-Imagining the Cartoon
Paul Wells
4. Olympianimation — Global Forms and Perspectives
Paul Wells

Norris, Van - British Television Animation 1997–2010, ebook

British Television Animation 1997–2010

Norris, Van


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Van Norris
2. From There to Here — First, Second and Third Wave Animation
Van Norris
3. A Quotation of Normality — The Family Myth
Van Norris
4. ‘C’mon Mum, Monday Night Is Jihad Night’…

Beane, Andy - 3D Animation Essentials, ebook

3D Animation Essentials

Beane, Andy


The essential fundamentals of 3D animation for aspiring 3D artists
3D is everywhere--video games, movie and television special effects, mobile devices, etc. Many aspiring artists and animators have grown up with 3D and computers, and naturally gravitate to this field as their area of

Storey, Dudley - Pro CSS3 Animation, ebook

Pro CSS3 Animation

Storey, Dudley


CSS3 Keyframe Animations for Web Content
Dudley Storey
7. Integrating CSS3 Animations with SVG and Filters
Dudley Storey
8. Integrating CSS3 Animation with Responsive Web Design

Paries, Jeff - Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation, ebook

Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation

Paries, Jeff


Table of contents
Part One. Getting Started
1. What You Need to Know
Part Two. Silverlight Animation: The Basics
2. Basic Transforms
3. Storyboards and Animations
4. Animation Techniques
Part Three. Advanced Animation
5. Coordinates in Silverlight
6. Using Trigonometry for Animation
7. Simulating