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Yeates, James - Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice, ebook

Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice

Yeates, James


A practical guide to help veterinarians improve the welfare of their patients in their everyday work. A concise and accessible introduction to welfare that is both interesting and valuable in practice.
The book describes ways to evaluate patients,

Corr, Sandra - Companion Animal Ethics, ebook

Companion Animal Ethics

Corr, Sandra


Companion Animal Ethics explores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions. The first comprehensive book dedicated to ethical and welfare

Eadie, Edward N. - Understanding Animal Welfare, ebook

Understanding Animal Welfare

Eadie, Edward N.


Science of Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Edward N. Eadie
7. Practical Ethics in Achievement of Direct Reform
Edward N. Eadie
8. Politics of Animal Protection
Edward N. Eadie
9. Legislative Enactment for Animal

Christiansen, Stine B. - Ethics of Animal Use, ebook

Ethics of Animal Use

Christiansen, Stine B.


An interesting and accessible introduction to ethical issues raised by various forms of human use of animals. This textbook avoids moral lecturing and presents a range of ethical viewpoints without defending or applying any specific stance. Readers are encouraged and provoked to reflect

Beirne, Piers - Murdering Animals, ebook

Murdering Animals

Beirne, Piers


On the Geohistory of Justiciable Animals: Was Britain a Deviant Case?
Piers Beirne
5. Hogarth’s Patriotic Animals: Bulldogs, Beef, Britannia!
Piers Beirne
6. Gallous Stories or Dirty Deeds? Representing Parricide