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Deakin, Janine E. - Marsupial Genetics and Genomics, ebook

Marsupial Genetics and Genomics

Deakin, Janine E.


Marsupial Genetics Reveals Insights into Evolution of Mammalian X Chromosome Inactivation
Shafagh Al Nadaf, Paul D. Waters, Janine E. Deakin,, Jennifer A. Marshall Graves
14. Molecular Regulation of Marsupial Reproduction and Development
Andrew J. Pask,

Gustafson, J.P. - Genomics of Disease, ebook

Genomics of Disease

Gustafson, J.P.


Canine Genetics Facilitates Understanding of Human Biology
Elaine A. Ostrander, Heidi G. Parker, Nathan B. Sutter
3. Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae AvrXA21 Activity Is Dependent on a Type One Secretion System, Is Regulated by a Two-Component Regulatory

Landry, Christian R. - Ecological Genomics, ebook

Ecological Genomics

Landry, Christian R.


Recent Advances in Ecological Genomics: From Phenotypic Plasticity to Convergent and Adaptive Evolution and Speciation
Christian R. Landry, Nadia Aubin-Horth
2. Trait Transitions in Explicit Ecological and Genomic Contexts: Plant Mating Systems as Case Studies

Aguilera, Andrés - Molecular Genetics of Recombination, ebook

Molecular Genetics of Recombination

Aguilera, Andrés


Table of contents
1. Genetics of recombination in the model bacterium Escherichia coli
Bénédicte Michel, Zeynep Baharoglu, Roxane Lestini
2. Homologous recombination in low dC + dG Gram-positive bacteria
Humberto Sanchez, Begoña Carrasco, Silvia Ayora, Juan C. Alonso
3. The bacterial RecA protein:

Chowdhary, Bhanu P. - Equine Genomics, ebook

Equine Genomics

Chowdhary, Bhanu P.

From 112,20€

Equine Genomics provides a timely comprehensive overview of equine genomic research. Chapters detail key accomplishments and the current state of research, as well as looking forward to possible applications of genomic technologies to horse breeding, health, and welfare.

Womack, James - Bovine Genomics, ebook

Bovine Genomics

Womack, James

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Bovine Genomics is the first book to bring together and synthesize the information learned through the bovine genome sequencing project and look at its practical application to cattle and dairy production.
Bovine Genomics opens

Inoue-Murayama, Miho - From Genes to Animal Behavior, ebook

From Genes to Animal Behavior

Inoue-Murayama, Miho


Evolutionary Bases and Practical Implications of Animal Personality and Temperament
5. How to Measure Animal Personality and Why Does It Matter? Integrating the Psychological and Biological Approaches to Animal Personality

Inge-Vechtomov, Sergey G. - Genetics, Evolution and Radiation, ebook

Genetics, Evolution and Radiation

Inge-Vechtomov, Sergey G.


The Animals of Chernobyl and Fukushima
Timothy A. Mousseau, Anders P. Møller
22. Viability of Plant Seed Progeny from the East-Ural Radioactive Trace: Radiation and Weather Conditions
Elena V. Antonova, Vera N. Pozolotina, Elina M. Karimullina