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Witzany, Guenther - Biocommunication of Animals, ebook

Biocommunication of Animals

Witzany, Guenther


Table of contents
1. Why Biocommunication of Animals?
Guenther Witzany
2. Signs of Communication in Chimpanzees
Mary Lee A. Jensvold, Lisa Wilding, Savannah M. Schulze
3. African and Asian Elephant Vocal Communication: A Cross-Species Comparison
Angela S. Stoeger, Shermin Silva
4. The Information Content

Heatley, J. Jill - Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis, ebook

Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis

Heatley, J. Jill


Exotic Animal Laboratory Diagnosis is a practical, user-friendly guide to diagnostic testing in a wide range of exotic species. Offers complete information on obtaining samples, performing tests, and interpreting laboratory results in exotic animals

Pavlović, Mirjana - Animal and Plant Stem Cells, ebook

Animal and Plant Stem Cells

Pavlović, Mirjana


Expansion of Stem Cells: Propagation of Animal Stem Cells Ex Vivo (In Culture)
Mirjana Pavlović, Ksenija Radotić
8. Stem Cell Pool: What Are the Best Patterns for Cellular Therapy?
Mirjana Pavlović, Ksenija Radotić
9. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Bhagat, Arpan - Foods of Non-Animal Origin, ebook

Foods of Non-Animal Origin

Bhagat, Arpan


Regulating Risks in Imports of Foods of Non-animal Origin: The U.S. Food Industry Perspective
Arpan Bhagat
2. Clostridium Botulinum and C. perfringens in Vegetable Foods: Chemistry of Related Toxins
Maria Micali
3. Chemistry and Technology of

Nentwig, Wolfgang - Spider Ecophysiology, ebook

Spider Ecophysiology

Nentwig, Wolfgang


Table of contents
Part I. Respiration and Circulatory System
1. Evolution and Adaptation of Hemocyanin Within Spiders
Thorsten Burmester
2. The Circulatory System of Spiders
Christian S. Wirkner, Katarina Huckstorf
3. Tracheae in…

Pedro, Silvia R.M. - Pot-Pollen in Stingless Bee Melittology, ebook

Pot-Pollen in Stingless Bee Melittology

Pedro, Silvia R.M.


Table of contents
Part I. Pollen and the Evolution of Mutualism
1. Pot-Pollen as a Discipline: What Does It Include?
David W. Roubik, Jorge Enrique Moreno Patiño
2. Are Stingless Bees a Broadly Polylectic Group? An Empirical Study of the…

East, Marion L - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12, ebook

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12

East, Marion L


Table of contents
Part I. Olfaction: Receptors and Neural Processing
1. Neural Substrate to Associate Odorants and Pheromones: Convergence of Projections from the Main and Accessory Olfactory Bulbs in Mice
Bernardita Cádiz-Moretti, Fernando…

Smith, Andrew M. - Biological Adhesives, ebook

Biological Adhesives

Smith, Andrew M.


The Biochemistry and Mechanics of Gastropod Adhesive Gels
Andrew M. Smith
9. Adhesive Secretions in Echinoderms: A Review
Patrick Flammang, Mélanie Demeuldre, Elise Hennebert, Romana Santos
10. An Adhesive Secreted by Australian Frogs of the Genus