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Johnston, Ian - AAGBI Core Topics in Anaesthesia 2012, ebook

AAGBI Core Topics in Anaesthesia 2012

Johnston, Ian


Based on the Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland's (AAGBI) continuing education lecture series, this clinical-oriented book covers the latest developments in research and the clinical application to anesthesia and pain control.

Gwinnutt, Carl L. - Lecture Notes: Clinical Anaesthesia, ebook

Lecture Notes: Clinical Anaesthesia

Gwinnutt, Carl L.


Perfect for medical students, junior doctors, anaesthetic nurses and allied health professionals, Lecture Notes Clinical Anaesthesia provides a thorough introduction to the modern principles and practices of clinical anaesthesia. 

Robinson, Neville - How to Survive in Anaesthesia, ebook

How to Survive in Anaesthesia

Robinson, Neville


Anaesthesia can be daunting for the novice - not least because they often begin working singlehandedly within a few weeks. How to Survive in Anaesthesia is a pocket sized book written by 3 authors who have nearly 90 years experience of anaesthesia between…

Ginosar, Yehuda - Anesthesia and the Fetus, ebook

Anesthesia and the Fetus

Ginosar, Yehuda


Anesthesia and the Fetus integrates into one volume the multidisciplinary components of:fetal developmentfetal pharmacologyassessments of fetal and neonatal outcomeanesthesia and analgesia during pregnancyanesthesia and analgesia during laborethics and law
Written by an internationally

DiNardo, James A. - Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery, ebook

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery

DiNardo, James A.


This comprehensive, state of the art overview of pediatric and adult cardiac anesthesia brings together all the latest developments in this rapidly developing field. This text is intended both as a reference and for daily use by practicing and prospective anesthesiologists.

Douglas, M. Joanne - Evidence-Based Obstetric Anesthesia, ebook

Evidence-Based Obstetric Anesthesia

Douglas, M. Joanne


This is the first text to systematically review the evidence for obstetric anesthesia and analgesia.
Evidence-based practice is now being embraced worldwide as a requirement for all clinicians; in the everyday use of anesthesia and analgesia for childbirth,

Campoy, Luis - Small Animal Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia, ebook

Small Animal Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia

Campoy, Luis


Small Animal Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia is an up-to-date, complete resource for performing local anesthetic techniques in small animals. This practical, clinically oriented reference presents step-by-step procedures for performing common locoregional blocks and is organized logically

Bryant, Susan - Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians, ebook

Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians

Bryant, Susan


Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians is a highly practical guide to anesthesia skills for veterinary technicians published in association with the Academy of Veterinary Technician Anesthetists (AVTA). Packed with hints and tips to aid technicians in

Grimm, Kurt A. - Essentials of Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia, ebook

Essentials of Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia

Grimm, Kurt A.


Essentials of Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia, Second Edition presents the fundamentals of managing small animal anesthesia patients in a clinically relevant, accessible manual. The bulk of the book is distilled from Lumb and Jones' Veterinary

Johnson, Rebecca A. - Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease, ebook

Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease

Johnson, Rebecca A.


Canine and Feline Anesthesia and Co-Existing Disease is the first book to draw together clinically relevant information on the anesthetic management of dogs and cats with existing disease conditions.  Providing a detailed reference on avoiding and managing complications resulting from