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Remes, Pauliina - Ancient Philosophy of the Self, ebook

Ancient Philosophy of the Self

Remes, Pauliina


The Ancient Self: Issues and Approaches
Christopher Gill
3. Assumptions of Normativity: Two Ancient Approaches to Agency
Miira Tuominen
II. From Plato to Plotinus
4. Socratic Authority
Raphael Woolf

Ahonen, Marke - Mental Disorders in Ancient Philosophy, ebook

Mental Disorders in Ancient Philosophy

Ahonen, Marke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Marke Ahonen
2. Medical and Cultural Background
Marke Ahonen
3. Plato on Madness and Mental Disorders
Marke Ahonen
4. The Aristotelian Concept of Mental Disorders
Marke Ahonen
5. The Stoics on the Kinds of Madness
Marke Ahonen
6. Galen on the Diseases