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Martinich, A. P. - A Companion to Analytic Philosophy, ebook

A Companion to Analytic Philosophy

Martinich, A. P.


A Companion to Analytic Philosophy is a comprehensive guide to many significant analytic philosophers and concepts of the last hundred years.
Provides a comprehensive guide to many of the most significant

Lapointe, Sandra - Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy, ebook

Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy

Lapointe, Sandra


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sandra Lapointe
2. Kant and German Philosophy
Sandra Lapointe
3. Decomposition
Sandra Lapointe
4. Meaning and Analysis
Sandra Lapointe
5. A Substitutional Theory
Sandra Lapointe

Silva, Marcos - How Colours Matter to Philosophy, ebook

How Colours Matter to Philosophy

Silva, Marcos


Philosophy of Language and Philosophy of Logic
13. Things Are Not What They Seem
Graham Priest
14. Vagueness, Hysteresis, and the Instability of Color
Diana Raffman
15. Logic and Colour in Cognition, Logic and Philosophy
Dany Jaspers