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Atkinson, Kendall E. - Theoretical Numerical Analysis, ebook

Theoretical Numerical Analysis

Atkinson, Kendall E.


Table of contents
2. Linear Spaces
Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han
3. Linear Operators on Normed Spaces
Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han
4. Approximation Theory
Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han
5. Fourier Analysis and Wavelets
Kendall Atkinson, Weimin Han
6. Nonlinear Equations and Their Solution by Iteration

Seber, George A. F. - Linear Regression Analysis, ebook

Linear Regression Analysis

Seber, George A. F.


* Requires no specialized knowledge beyond a good grasp of matrix algebra and some acquaintance with straight-line regression and simple analysis of variance models.
* More than 200 problems throughout the book plus outline solutions for the exercises.
* This

Box, George E. P. - Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis, ebook

Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis

Box, George E. P.


Anderson The Statistical Analysis of Time Series T. S. Arthanari & Yadolah Dodge Mathematical Programming in Statistics Emil Artin Geometric Algebra Norman T. J. Bailey The Elements of Stochastic Processes with Applications to the Natural Sciences Robert G. Bartle

Hansen, Michael A. E. - Metabolome Analysis: An Introduction, ebook

Metabolome Analysis: An Introduction

Hansen, Michael A. E.


Providing information on the main approaches for the analysis of metabolites, this textbook: Covers basic methodologies in sample preparation and separation techniques, as well as the most recent techniques of mass spectrometry. Differentiates between primary and secondary metabolites. Includes

Sabadini, Irene - Hypercomplex Analysis, ebook

Hypercomplex Analysis

Sabadini, Irene


Discrete Clifford Analysis: A Germ of Function Theory
F. Brackx, H. Schepper, F. Sommen, L. Voorde
4. On Factorization of Bicomplex Meromorphic Functions
K. S. Charak, D. Rochon
5. An Overview on Functional Calculus in Different Settings