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Connolly, Tristanne - Canadian Music and American Culture, ebook

Canadian Music and American Culture

Connolly, Tristanne


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘Get Away From Me’: Anglo-Canadian Music and the Globalization of American Culture
Tristanne Connolly
2. ‘Something’s Lost but Something’s Gained’: Joni Mitchell and Postcolonial Lyric
Steve Clark
3. The View from Outside: The Band Sing America
Theodore Goossen

McDonald, Gail - American Literature and Culture 1900-1960, ebook

American Literature and Culture 1900-1960

McDonald, Gail


This introduction to American literature and culture from 1900 to 1960 is organized around four major ideas about America: that is it “big”, “new”, “rich”, and “free”.
Illustrates the artistic and social

Parish, Steven M. - Subjectivity and Suffering in American Culture, ebook

Subjectivity and Suffering in American Culture

Parish, Steven M.


Table of contents
Part I. Three American Selves
1. Born into Our Lives: Other People in the Work of Self
Steven M. Parish
2. What a Tangled Web She Weaves: An American Widow
Steven M. Parish
3. California Dreaming: My Days on the Cancer Ward
Steven M. Parish
Part II. Self, Suffering, Subjectivity

Bradley, Patricia - Making American Culture, ebook

Making American Culture

Bradley, Patricia


Table of contents
1. Culture and Nationhood
Patricia Bradley
2. Vaudeville
Patricia Bradley
3. Outsider Art
Patricia Bradley
4. Silent Film
Patricia Bradley
5. Censorship, Class, and Culture
Patricia Bradley
6. Isadora Duncan and the Spirit of Modernism
Patricia Bradley
7. Cultural

Crane, Robert - Latin American Business Cultures, ebook

Latin American Business Cultures

Crane, Robert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Crane, Carlos Rizowy
2. Regional Organizations, Trade Blocs, and Inter-State Conflicts in Latin America: History and Evolution
Antonio Mitre
3. Argentina
Roque B. Fernández, Katherina Fernández