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Danks, Adrian - American–Australian Cinema, ebook

American–Australian Cinema

Danks, Adrian


Where I’m Calling From: An American–Australian Cinema?
Adrian Danks, Stephen Gaunson, Peter C. Kunze
Part I. Across the Pacific: Looking to America
2. Rudimentary Modernism: Ken G. Hall, Rear-Projection and 1930s Hollywood
Adrian Danks
3. Simulated

Poblete, Juan - Humor in Latin American Cinema, ebook

Humor in Latin American Cinema

Poblete, Juan


Table of contents
1. Cinema and Humor in Latin America: An Introduction
Juan Poblete
2. Luis Sandrini’s Stutter, Early Argentine Film Comedy, and the Representability of Time
Nilo Fernando Couret
3. “Comrades, There Are Moments in Life That Are Truly Momentary”: Cantinflas and the Administration of Public

Rashotte, Ryan - Narco Cinema, ebook

Narco Cinema

Rashotte, Ryan


Table of contents
1. What Is Narco Cinema?
Ryan Rashotte
2. Hecho de coca: A Sentimental Education
Ryan Rashotte
3. Two Foul Score of the Brothers Almada
Ryan Rashotte
4. Narcas y Narcos
Ryan Rashotte
5. … and Narco Gays?
Ryan Rashotte
6. Postscript: From Culiacán to Cannes

Olson, Debbie - Black Children in Hollywood Cinema, ebook

Black Children in Hollywood Cinema

Olson, Debbie


African American Girls in Hollywood Cinema
Debbie Olson
4. Boys in Black and the Urban Ghetto Child
Debbie Olson
5. Soldier Bo(d)y: The Transnational Circulation of the African (American) Savage Child Image