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Dubofsky, Melvyn - Labor in America: A History, ebook

Labor in America: A History

Dubofsky, Melvyn


This book, designed to give a survey history of American labor from colonial times to the present, is uniquely well suited to speak to the concerns of today’s teachers and students. As issues of growing inequality, stagnating incomes, declining unionization, and exacerbated job insecurity

Rubin, Barry - Hating America : A History, ebook

Hating America : A History

Rubin, Barry


Reviled as an imperialist power, an exporter of destructive capitalism, an arrogant crusader against Islam, and a rapacious over-consumer casually destroying the planet, it seems that the United States of America has rarely been less esteemed in the eyes of the world.

Boratti, Larissa - Law and Policy in Latin America, ebook

Law and Policy in Latin America

Boratti, Larissa


Transnational Legal Process and Fundamental Rights in Latin America: How Does the Inter-American Human Rights System Reshape Domestic Constitutional Rights?
Marcelo Torelly
3. Complying (Partially) with the Compulsory Judgments of the Inter-American Court of

Gómez, Manuel - Big Law in Latin America and Spain, ebook

Big Law in Latin America and Spain

Gómez, Manuel


Corporate Lawyers and Multinational Corporations in Latin America and Spain: 1990–2015
Manuel Gómez, Rogelio Pérez-Perdomo
Part II. Big Law in Latin America and Spain
2. Law Firms in Argentina: Challenges and Responses to a Crisis
Maria Inés Bergoglio

Zaretsky, Eli - Why America Needs a Left: A Historical Argument, ebook

Why America Needs a Left: A Historical Argument

Zaretsky, Eli

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The United States today cries out for a robust, self-respecting, intellectually sophisticated left, yet the very idea of a left appears to have been discredited. In this brilliant new book, Eli Zaretsky rethinks the idea by examining three key moments in American history: the Civil War,