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Ao, Sio-Iong - Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis, ebook

Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis

Ao, Sio-Iong


CLUSTAG & WCLUSTAG: Hierarchical Clustering Algorithms for Efficient Tag-SNP Selection
Sio-Iong Ao
3. The Effects of Gene Recruitment on the Evolvability and Robustness of Pattern-Forming Gene Networks
Alexander V. Spirov, David M. Holloway
4. Comprehensive

Nguyen, Phong Q. - The LLL Algorithm, ebook

The LLL Algorithm

Nguyen, Phong Q.


Probabilistic Analyses of Lattice Reduction Algorithms
Brigitte Vallée, Antonio Vera
4. Progress on LLL and Lattice Reduction
Claus Peter Schnorr
5. Floating-Point LLL: Theoretical and Practical Aspects
Damien Stehlé
6. LLL: A Tool for Effective

Skiena, Steven S. - The Algorithm Design Manual, ebook

The Algorithm Design Manual

Skiena, Steven S.


Intractable Problems and Approximation Algorithms
Steven S. Skiena
11. How to Design Algorithms
Steven S. Skiena
2. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Algorithms
12. A Catalog of Algorithmic Problems
Steven S. Skiena
13. Data Structures

Ser, Javier Del - Harmony Search Algorithm, ebook

Harmony Search Algorithm

Ser, Javier Del


Sensitivity Analysis on Migration Parameters of Parallel Harmony Search
Ari Hong, Donghwi Jung, Jiho Choi, Joong Hoon Kim
2. Multi-layered Harmony Search Algorithm: Introduction of a Novel and Efficient Structure

Vöcking, Berthold - Algorithms Unplugged, ebook

Algorithms Unplugged

Vöcking, Berthold


Pledge's Algorithm - How to Escape from a Dark Maze
Rolf Klein, Tom Kamphans
9. Cycles in Graphs
Holger Schlingloff
10. PageRank - What Is Really Relevant in the World-Wide Web?
Ulrik Brandes, Gabi Dorfmüller
11. Multiplication of Long Integers