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Fawcett, Joe - Professional Ajax, ebook

Professional Ajax

Fawcett, Joe


Professional Ajax 2nd Edition provides a developer-level tutorial of Ajax techniques, patterns, and use cases. The book begins by exploring the roots of Ajax, covering how the evolution of the web and new technologies

Vohra, Deepak - Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper, ebook

Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper

Vohra, Deepak


Table of contents
1. What is Ajax?
2. Developing an Ajax Web Application
3. Less JavaScript with Prototype
4. Ajax with Java-GWT
5. Ajax with Java-DWR
6. Ajax without JavaScript — AjaxTags
7. Ajax with JSF-Ajax4jsf
8. Ajax with PHP-Xajax
9. RSS Feed with Ajax
10. Web Search with Ajax


Grieb, John - Foundations of ASP.NET AJAX, ebook

Foundations of ASP.NET AJAX

Grieb, John


The Microsoft AJAX Library: Making Client-Side JavaScript Easier
4. ASP.NET AJAX Client Libraries
5. Introducing Server Controls in ASP.NET AJAX
6. Using Server Controls in ASP.NET

Holzner, Steve - Ajax For Dummies, ebook

Ajax For Dummies

Holzner, Steve


Ajax is short for “Asynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest.”
Even if you weren’t intimidated before, that tidbit is probably enough to make you reach for the Excedrin. Just reach for Ajax For Dummies instead. With screen

Babin, Lee - Beginning Ajax with PHP, ebook

Beginning Ajax with PHP

Babin, Lee


Table of contents
1. Introducing Ajax
2. Ajax Basics
3. PHP and Ajax
4. Database-Driven Ajax
5. Forms
6. Images
7. A Real-World Ajax Application
8. Ergonomic Display
9. Web Services
10. Spatially Enabled Web Applications
11. Cross-Browser Issues
12. Security
13. Testing and Debugging

Asleson, Ryan - Foundations of Ajax, ebook

Foundations of Ajax

Asleson, Ryan


Building the Ultimate Ajax Developer’s Toolbox
6. Testing JavaScript with JsUnit
7. Exploring JavaScript Debugging Tools and Techniques
8. Putting It All Together

Fallows, John R. - Pro JSF and Ajax, ebook

Pro JSF and Ajax

Fallows, John R.


Table of contents
Part 1. Developing Smarter with JavaServer™ Faces
1. The Foundation of JSF: Components
2. Defining the Date Field Component
3. Defining the Deck Component
Part 2. Designing Rich Internet Components
4. Using Rich Internet Technologies
5. Loading Resources with Weblets
6. Ajax Enabling

Crane, Dave - Comet and Reverse Ajax, ebook

Comet and Reverse Ajax

Crane, Dave


Table of contents
1. What Are Comet and Reverse Ajax?
2. Simple Ways to Achieve Push
3. Introducing Comet
4. Comet the Easy Way
5. Scaling Comet in Java
6. Introducing Bayeux
7. Combining Comet with CRUD

Jäger, Kai - Ajax in der Praxis, ebook

Ajax in der Praxis

Jäger, Kai


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
2. Einführung
3. Die richtigen Werkzeuge
4. JavaScript Grundlagen
5. Das Document Object Model
6. Client-Server-Kommunikation
7. Web-Services
8. Optimierungen
9. Sicherheit
10. Barrierefreiheit

Woolston, Daniel - Pro Ajax and the .NET 2.0 Platform, ebook

Pro Ajax and the .NET 2.0 Platform

Woolston, Daniel


Table of contents
Part 1. Ajax Concepts
1. History and Revival of Ajax
2. Introducing JavaScript
3. The XmlHttpRequest Object
4. N-Tier and Ajax
Part 2. Ajax Components
5. Rich Internet Applications
6. CSS and the DOM
7. Ajax Frameworks
Part 3. Concept to Code
8. Understanding the Library