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Ghosh, Nilabja - India’s Agricultural Marketing, ebook

India’s Agricultural Marketing

Ghosh, Nilabja


India’s Agricultural Markets: Regulation and Revitalization
Nilabja Ghosh
6. Contemporary Reforms and the Transitions in Sample States
Nilabja Ghosh
7. Socio-economic Conditions and Agriculture in Sample States
Nilabja Ghosh
8. Selling to

Alabrese, Mariagrazia - Agricultural Law, ebook

Agricultural Law

Alabrese, Mariagrazia


Sustainable Agricultural Production, Environmental Sustainability and Food Security: How to Frame the Legal Intervention
Elisa Morgera, Andrea Saba
3. The Ecological and Perpetual Dimensions of European Food Security: The Case for Sustainable Agriculture

Pinilla, Vicente - Agricultural Development in the World Periphery, ebook

Agricultural Development in the World Periphery

Pinilla, Vicente


The World Periphery in Global Agricultural and Food Trade, 1900–2000
Gema Aparicio, Ángel Luis González-Esteban, Vicente Pinilla, Raúl Serrano
4. Plantations and Economic Development in the Twentieth Century: The End of an Era?
Derek Byerlee, P. K.

Bryant, Christopher R. - Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change, ebook

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Bryant, Christopher R.


Analysis of Power Relations among Actors and Institutions in the Process of Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability from the Diffusion of Innovations Perspective
Oumarou Daouda, Christopher R. Bryant
4. Climate Change and Corn Productivity

Brouwer, Floor M. - Environmental and Agricultural Modeling:, ebook

Environmental and Agricultural Modeling:

Brouwer, Floor M.


A Component-Based Framework for Simulating Agricultural Production and Externalities
Marcello Donatelli, Graham Russell, Andrea Emilio Rizzoli, Marco Acutis, Myriam Adam, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Matteo Balderacchi, Luca Bechini, Hatem Belhouchette, Gianni Bellocchi,

Mendes, Armando B. - Efficiency Measures in the Agricultural Sector, ebook

Efficiency Measures in the Agricultural Sector

Mendes, Armando B.


Efficiency Measures in the Agricultural Sector: The Beginning
Emiliana Silva, Armando B. Mendes, Jorge Santos
2. Review of Frontier Models and Efficiency Analysis: A Parametric Approach
Ana Sampaio
3. Introduction to Data Envelopment Analysis