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Rowland, Donald T. - Population Aging, ebook

Population Aging

Rowland, Donald T.


Table of contents
1. A Silent Revolution
Donald T. Rowland
2. The New Demography
Donald T. Rowland
3. National Trends
Donald T. Rowland
4. The ‘New Era’ in Health
Donald T. Rowland
5. Survival and Health
Donald T. Rowland
6. Community Change
Donald T. Rowland
7. Community

Wiener, Richard L. - Disability and Aging Discrimination, ebook

Disability and Aging Discrimination

Wiener, Richard L.


Disability and Aging: Historical and Contemporary Views
Peter Blanck
4. The Aging Workforce and Paid Time Off
Gillian Lester
5. Baby Boomers at Work: Growing Older and Working More
Eve M. Brank
6. The Relationship

Newman, Anne B. - The Epidemiology of Aging, ebook

The Epidemiology of Aging

Newman, Anne B.


Understanding the Aging Process Using Epidemiologic Approaches
Jason L. Sanders, Robert M. Boudreau, Anne B. Newman, Anne B. Newman, Anne B. Newman
13. Genetics of Human Longevity and Healthy Aging
Joanne M. Murabito, Kathryn L. Lunetta
14. Aging, Infection

Cook, Ian Gillespie - Aging in Comparative Perspective, ebook

Aging in Comparative Perspective

Cook, Ian Gillespie


Table of contents
1. Introduction: An Aging World
Ian Gillespie Cook, Jamie Halsall
2. Aging in the United States
Ian Gillespie Cook, Jamie Halsall
3. Aging in the UK
Ian Gillespie Cook, Jamie Halsall
4. Aging in Sweden
Ian Gillespie Cook, Jamie Halsall
5. Aging in Japan
Ian Gillespie

Qualls, Sara Honn - Aging and Mental Health, ebook

Aging and Mental Health

Qualls, Sara Honn


"This is the perfect text for instructors from diverse fields who want to engage their students in understanding mental health and aging, and help them develop a passion for providing excellent care for older adults and their families."
William E. Haley, PhD, University of South Florida

Arxer, Steven L. - Aging in a Second Language, ebook

Aging in a Second Language

Arxer, Steven L.


Introduction: Aging, Immigration, and Second Language Learning in the Hispanic Population
Steven L. Arxer, Maria del Puy Ciriza, Marco Shappeck
2. A Case Study of an English Learner Speech Community
Steven L. Arxer, Maria del Puy Ciriza, Marco Shappeck

Erber, Joan T. - Aging and Older Adulthood, ebook

Aging and Older Adulthood

Erber, Joan T.


Updated and substantially revised, the second edition of Aging and Older Adulthood reflects the most current scientific research and theoretical foundations that contribute to our understanding of aging and older adulthood. Updated content and references