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Dokken, Karin - African Security Politics Redefined, ebook

African Security Politics Redefined

Dokken, Karin


The Security Politics of the African Union
Karin Dokken
6. United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa
Karin Dokken
7. Why What They Say Is Not What They Do: Economic Aspects of War and the Privatization of Security in

Martin, Guy - A New Paradigm of the African State, ebook

A New Paradigm of the African State

Martin, Guy


Indigenous African Political Systems and Institutions
Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin
4. The African Colonial and Postcolonial States
Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin
5. Genocide
Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin
6. Africa in

Martin, Guy - African Political Thought, ebook

African Political Thought

Martin, Guy


The Political Ideology of Indigenous African Political Systems and Institutions from Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century
Guy Martin
3. The Influence of Islamic Values and Ideas on Indigenous African Political Systems and

Salih, M. A. Mohamed - African Parliaments, ebook

African Parliaments

Salih, M. A. Mohamed


Parliaments, Politics, and Governance: African Democracies in Comparative Perspective
Wil Hout
3. Legislative Quotas for Women: Implications for Governance in Africa
Aili Mari Tripp
4. Local Assemblies and Local

Okome, Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké - West African Migrations, ebook

West African Migrations

Okome, Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké


West African Migrations and Globalization: Introduction
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, Olufemi Vaughan
2. “You can’t go Home no More”: Africans in America in the Age of Globalization
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome
3. Transnational Identity Formation

Turshen, Meredeth - African Women, ebook

African Women

Turshen, Meredeth


Strategies for Change: Women and Politics in Eritrea and South Africa
Dan Connell
11. The Nigerian Feminist Movement: Lessons from Women in Nigeria (WIN)
Bene E. Madunagu
12. Isis-WICCE Continues to Bring Women Together
Ruth Ojiambo Ochieng

Ebongue, Augustin Emmanuel - Sociolinguistics in African Contexts, ebook

Sociolinguistics in African Contexts

Ebongue, Augustin Emmanuel


Dynamic Language: Sociolinguistic Perspectives on African Language, Ideologies and Practices
Augustin Emmanuel Ebongue, Ellen Hurst
Part I. Ideologies
2. La résistance du plurilinguisme à Abidjan
Béatrice Akissi Boutin
3. Linguistic Messianism: