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Sąsiadek, Jerzy - Aerospace Robotics, ebook

Aerospace Robotics

Sąsiadek, Jerzy


Table of contents
1. Space Robotics and its Challenges
Jerzy Sąsiadek
2. Comparing Locally Energy-Optimal Newton Algorithms to Steer Driftless Systems
Ignacy Duleba, Janusz Jakubiak, Michal Opalka
3. Simulation and Visualization of…

Prasad, N. Eswara - Aerospace Materials and Material Technologies, ebook

Aerospace Materials and Material Technologies

Prasad, N. Eswara


MAX Phases: New Class of Carbides and Nitrides for Aerospace Structural Applications
Sai Priya Munagala
21. Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) for Aerospace Applications
R. J. H. Wanhill, B. Ashok
22. Detonation Sprayed Coatings for Aerospace Applications

Malaval, Philippe - Aerospace Marketing Management, ebook

Aerospace Marketing Management

Malaval, Philippe


Table of contents
1. Marketing in the Aeronautics Industry
Philippe Malaval, Christophe Bénaroya, Jonathan Aflalo
2. The Individual and Organizational Purchase
Philippe Malaval, Christophe Bénaroya, Jonathan Aflalo
3. Business Marketing…

Denkena, Berend - New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry, ebook

New Production Technologies in Aerospace Industry

Denkena, Berend


Impact of Clamping Technology on Horizontal and Vertical Process Chain Performance
Roman Kalocsay, Thomas Bergs, Fritz Klocke
3. Simulation of the NC Milling Process for the Prediction and Prevention of Chatter
S. Odendahl, R. Joliet, E. Ungemach, A. Zabel,

Cipolla, Vittorio - Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering, ebook

Variational Analysis and Aerospace Engineering

Cipolla, Vittorio


Table of contents
1. Molding Direction Constraints in Structural Optimization via a Level-Set Method
Grégoire Allaire, François Jouve, Georgios Michailidis
2. Adaptive Control for Weakly Minimum Phase Linear Infinite-Dimensional Systems in Hilbert Space Using a Zero Filter
Mark J. Balas, Susan A. Frost