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Aruga, Jun - Zic family, ebook

Zic family

Aruga, Jun


Table of contents
Part I. Zic Family in Animal Evolution and Development
1. Comparative Genomics of the Zic Family Genes
Jun Aruga, Minoru Hatayama
2. Cnidarian Zic Genes
Michael J. Layden
3. Odd-Paired: The Drosophila Zic Gene
Deborah A. Hursh, Brian G. Stultz
4. Zic Genes in Nematodes:

Sasakura, Yasunori - Transgenic Ascidians, ebook

Transgenic Ascidians

Sasakura, Yasunori


Investigating Evolutionarily Conserved Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Gene Expression in the Notochord
Julie E. Maguire, Aakarsha Pandey, Yushi Wu, Anna Di Gregorio
9. Purification of Fluorescent Labeled Cells from Dissociated Ciona Embryos
Wei Wang,

López-Larrea, Carlos - Sensing in Nature, ebook

Sensing in Nature

López-Larrea, Carlos


Transforming the Vestibular System One Molecule at a Time: The Molecular and Developmental Basis of Vertebrate Auditory Evolution
Jeremy S. Duncan, Bernd Fritzsch
12. Neurobiology of Sociability
Heather K. Caldwell
13. Changing Senses: Chemosensory

Brown, Kaye B. - The Scientific Bases of Human Anatomy, ebook

The Scientific Bases of Human Anatomy

Brown, Kaye B.


Rather than setting forth an overwhelming list of facts to be memorized, this book engages readers with a fascinating account of the connections between human anatomy and a wide array of scientific disciplines, weaving in the latest advances in developmental and

Landry, Christian R. - Ecological Genomics, ebook

Ecological Genomics

Landry, Christian R.


Recent Advances in Ecological Genomics: From Phenotypic Plasticity to Convergent and Adaptive Evolution and Speciation
Christian R. Landry, Nadia Aubin-Horth
2. Trait Transitions in Explicit Ecological and Genomic Contexts: Plant Mating Systems as Case Studies

Fernández, Helena - Current Advances in Fern Research, ebook

Current Advances in Fern Research

Fernández, Helena


Biology and Biotechnology in Ferns
1. The Gametophyte of Fern: Born to Reproduce
Alejandro Rivera, María Jesús Cañal, Ueli Grossniklaus, Helena Fernández
2. Azolla: A Model System for Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation and Evolutionary