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Smith, Christopher - Adobe InDesign CS6 Digital Classroom, ebook

Adobe InDesign CS6 Digital Classroom

Smith, Christopher

From 50,05€

Expert book-and-video package helps you conquer Adobe InDesign CS6
Whether you want to create sophisticated page layouts for print or electronic books or produce dazzling brochures and other publications, chances are Adobe InDesign is the design and page layout tool you'll call upon.

Smith, Jennifer - Adobe Illustrator CS6 Digital Classroom, ebook

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Digital Classroom

Smith, Jennifer

From 44,00€

A highly accessible, step-by-step guide to Adobe Illustrator CS6
Illustrator CS6 Digital Classroom includes 12 self-paced lessons that contain essential skills and explore new features and capabilities of Adobe Illustrator. Every lesson is presented in full color with step-by-step instructions.

Conover, Charles - Designing for Print, ebook

Designing for Print

Conover, Charles


This book is a single-source guide to planning, designing and printing successful projects using the Adobe Creative Suite 5. Packed with real-world design exercises, this revised edition is fully updated to align with CS5. Dozens of sidebars and step-by-step descriptions walk readers through

Smith, Jerron - Adobe<sup>&#174;</sup> After Effects<sup>&#174;</sup> CS5 Digital Classroom, ebook

Adobe® After Effects® CS5 Digital Classroom

Smith, Jerron


Escorts you through the basics of editing and applying motion graphics and visual effects with Adobe After Effects CS5 Deciphers even the most advanced After Effects tasks and makes them less intimidating Features full-color, step-by-step tutorials on the DVD that

Gerantabee, Fred - Flash Professional CS5 Digital Classroom, ebook

Flash Professional CS5 Digital Classroom

Gerantabee, Fred

From 47,10€

Learn Flash in a flash with this full-color book and video training package!
Adobe Flash is used by designers, game programmers, and hobbyists to create interactive Web sites, digital experiences, and mobile content. The latest release of Flash promises exciting new capabilities and this book-and-video training package makes

Ansell, Eva - InDesign CS2, ebook

InDesign CS2

Ansell, Eva


Lär dig InDesign CS, programmet för professionell layout och design! Med den här boken får du lära dig grunderna i InDesign och får en inblick i programmets fantastiska möjligheter för grafisk design och produktion av trycksaker.

Heald, Greg - Dreamweaver CS5 Digital Classroom, (Covers CS5 and CS5.5), ebook

Dreamweaver CS5 Digital Classroom, (Covers CS5 and CS5.5)

Heald, Greg

From 50,05€

Adobe Dreamweaver allows you to easily create robust Web sites without needing extensive programming knowledge or skills. The latest version of Dreamweaver boasts enhanced capabilities and this exciting book-and-downloadable video training package makes learning the

Smith, Jennifer - Illustrator CS5 Digital Classroom, ebook

Illustrator CS5 Digital Classroom

Smith, Jennifer

From 50,05€

A book-and-video training package provides a unique illustration to the basics of Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator is a unique design and drawing program that allows you to create and produce brilliant art for a variety of mediums. This full-color book-and-video training package deciphers even the most complex Illustrator tasks