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Greenberg, Michael - Occupational Emergency Medicine, ebook

Occupational Emergency Medicine

Greenberg, Michael

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 Apart from extra paperwork, owing to the extra legal and administrative regulations, a lack of knowledge of occupational medicine can risk a missed diagnosis.
This burden of work means occupational disorders impact the whole of the emergency department. Michael

Kay, Jerald - Mental Health Care in the College Community, ebook

Mental Health Care in the College Community

Kay, Jerald


Mental health concerns are the most serious and prevalent health problems among students in higher education.  Increasingly effective psychopharmacological and psychotherapeutic treatments have facilitated matriculation for students with histories of anxiety, mood, personality, eating

Barnett, Sheila Ryan - Geriatric Anesthesiology, ebook

Geriatric Anesthesiology

Barnett, Sheila Ryan


Medicare, Administrative, and Financial Matters in Caring for Geriatric Patients
Laura Tarlow
Part II. System Changes
10. Geriatric Anesthesia: Age-Dependent Changes in the Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems
Anushree Doshi, Roberto Cabeza, Miles