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Christensen, Robert K. - Handbook of Public Administration, ebook

Handbook of Public Administration

Christensen, Robert K.


The fundamentals of public administration, from the world's leading practitioners
Handbook of Public Administration is the classic, comprehensive guide to the field, featuring original writings from the world's foremost public administration

Hughes, Owen E. - Public Management and Administration, ebook

Public Management and Administration

Hughes, Owen E.


Public Management and Administration An Introduction In recent years there has been a transformation in the management of the public sector. The rigid, bureaucratic form of public administration which dominated for most of the twentieth century has

Norris, Lisa - Transplant Administration, ebook

Transplant Administration

Norris, Lisa

From 156,65€

This timely new book, written by a transplant administrator with over sixteen years of experience, along with other expert contributors, covers the specifics of each aspect of transplant administration, providing information that will enable new administrators to quickly master essentials,

Dong, Lisheng - Public Administration Theories, ebook

Public Administration Theories

Dong, Lisheng


Traditional Public Administration: Emergence of Instrumental Rationality
Lisheng Dong
4. Privatization Theory: Inheritance of Instrumental Rationality
Lisheng Dong
5. New Public Management: Upsurge of Instrumental Rationality
Lisheng Dong

Bohne, Eberhard - Public Administration and the Modern State, ebook

Public Administration and the Modern State

Bohne, Eberhard


Reforming Public Administration in Multilevel Systems
Sabine Kuhlmann, Stephan Grohs, Jörg Bogumil
15. Endogenous Transformations in European Public Administration: Soft-Law, Transnationally Networked Governance as a

Kim, Pan Suk - Value and Virtue in Public Administration, ebook

Value and Virtue in Public Administration

Kim, Pan Suk


Public Administration as a Menetype B: Re-discovering Trichotomies
Bruce Cutting, Alexander Kouzmin
9. Contemporary Trends and Dilemmas of Administrative Ethics in the Developing World
M. Shamsul Haque
10. The Value Profile of Civil Servants in New

Painter, Martin - Tradition and Public Administration, ebook

Tradition and Public Administration

Painter, Martin


Public Administration in the United States: Anglo-American, Just American, or Which American?
B. Guy Peters
10. The Fate of Administrative Tradition in Anglophone Countries during the Reform Era
John Halligan
Part III. Legacy Effects: Administrative

Lee, Michael - SQL Server 2008 Administration Instant Reference, ebook

SQL Server 2008 Administration Instant Reference

Lee, Michael


SQL Server 2008 Instant Administration Reference is a guide that you want to keep within reach. SQL Server is Microsoft's bestselling database manager; the 2008 version offers enhanced security and high availability, encouraging users to upgrade Features